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But somehow it seemed obscene to sit there with my fork in my hand and gawp, as if it was all make believe, just another movie out of which Bruce Willis would eventually stride, bloodied but unbowed, to save the world.
McGirr tells how, bloodied but unbowed, they rallied behind Ronald Reagan and propelled him into California's state house in 1966.
Bloodied but unbowed during May 1961 "freedom ride" in Montgomery, Ala.
NEW YORK(FNS)--Caught in a market decline that shook up Wall Street's steadiest performers, home furnishings manufacturers came out of the 5-week period ended July 16, bloodied but unbowed.
The pastors are bloodied but unbowed and intone with due gravity:
But at least last night, bloodied but unbowed, Torres scored a goal that really mattered for Chelsea and Rafa Benitez - even if it leaves them with the mother of all fixture pile-ups.