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have a blond moment

To forget something or act strangely, often foolishly. The use of "blond" comes from the stereotype that people with blond hair are not as smart. For that reason, it can be considered somewhat derogatory. I thought mom knew Joe's phone number, but she's having a blond moment and can't remember it either.
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blond moment

n. a lapse in thinking, something like a senior moment. Sorry. I was having a blond moment. And that’s hard for a redhead.
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THE unmistake able shock of blondish hair and the Number 7 shirt he wears for England are the same.
Physically, they were exceptional; early descriptions describe them as blondish or reddish.
The title of Choir Girl, 2002--a three-by-three-foot square of oscillating, blondish hatch marks--might have been inspired by Arnitz's memories of his childhood Catholicism.
Splayed out in her record company's conference room, strands of long blondish brown hair dangling over her face, acoustic performer Dar Williams is signing freshly pressed copies of her forthcoming sixth record, Out There Live (Razor & Tie), a folk-pop release punctuated by the piercing screams of adoring college girls.
com Tackle greasy roots and fine, limp hair, with Bumble & Bumble's Blondish hair powder.
Predator went undercover, to research further yesterday and were greeted by the cockney tones of "Gary" whose message described his blondish spikey hair, love of keeping fit, running, gym work and his wish to meet up with a goodtime girl.
Both are tall and lanky (though at 6-foot-7 Jered is two inches taller), both have longer blondish hair worn Steve Nash-style tucked behind the ears, both are right-handed.
A third had a blondish skin-head haircut and a spotty complexion.
Highlighted blondish hair - keep your reds soft and muted.
Phoebe Walsh went 2 for 4 with a run and shortstop Lauren Blondish threw a runner out at the plate for Doherty, which finished second in the league.
Amid the hush of rustling oak leaves swaying on long branches in a gust of wind, Pearson's blondish hair nearly eclipsed her clear gray-blue eyes.
One of the remaining members of the gang is said to have a blondish skinhead hairstyle and a spotty complexion.
The man is described as 20 years old, white, with blondish hair, around 5ft 5in tall and of slim build.