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have a blond moment

To do something unintelligent, forget something, or act strangely, often foolishly. The use of "blond" comes from the stereotype that people with blond hair are not as smart. For that reason, it can be considered somewhat derogatory. I thought mom knew Joe's phone number, but she's having a blond moment and can't remember it either.
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blond moment

n. a lapse in thinking, something like a senior moment. Sorry. I was having a blond moment. And that’s hard for a redhead.
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In 2009, The Blonds took part in Barbie's 50th birthday fashion show, which no doubt helped to push their current partnership with Mattel along.
It's nothing for me to wear a blond wig with a headband, that's the kind of woman I am.
Holiday-Moore is also a seasoned jazz singer, and says she cut her hair short and dyed it blond to create a different persona when she's onstage--and her husband loves it.
In its defense, the company says it does not discriminate but that brunettes often find themselves reaching for a bottle of hair bleach after spending time around so many blonds.
He thinks blond men have a good deal as far as the 'dumb' tag is concerned, claiming never to have suffered that stereotype himself.
I don't think blond men get tarred with the same brush as blonde women - it's not really fair to think someone's stupid just because of their hair colour, " he said.
But the ease of travel has meant mixed relationships are becoming more common - and real blonds becoming more of a rariety.
Wilkinson has also posted images of herself as elementary school-aged child, further proving that her blond hair are not fake.
Adapted by Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith (``10 Things I Hate About You'') from a novel by blond (of course) lawyer Amanda Brown, the script is full of pseudo-hip dialogue and the usual effort to create a slangy argot of its own.
Others are still finding out if blondes have more fun, including former Dodger hunk Mike Piazza (now New York Mets catcher), who shocked the sports world with his overly bleached 'do and beard, and actress Winona Ryder, whose trademark mahogany fringe has been recently traded for blond tendrils.
Marilyn Monroe: Actress and Icon'' screens a good sampling of the blond bombshell's films and culminates in a discussion of Monroe's legacy featuring Joyce Carol Oates, author of ``Blonde,'' a new novel based on Monroe's life.
Alice Silver, aged 30, from Wednesbury, (long, blonde hair, long grey dress and boots): "I personally prefer dark, Italian-looking men to blonds.
JERRY HALL: "Underneath this dizzy blonde there is one very smart brunette" JOANNA LUMLEY: "There's a brain behind the beehive" MARGARET THATCHER: "She got blonder the more powerful she became" GAZZA: "Set the trend for bottle blonds among footballers.