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Joe Bloggs

A typical, ordinary, average person. (Technically gender neutral, though suggesting a male given the use of "Joe.") Their security is so lax that any old Joe Bloggs could walk right up and take their equipment. For any new piece of technology to succeed in the market these days, it has to be easy for any Joe Bloggs to pick up and use.
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ˌJoe ˈBloggs

(British English) (American English ˌJoe ˈBlow) (informal) a way of referring to a typical ordinary person: What will this promised cut in taxes really mean to Joe Bloggs and his family?As the son of a senator, of course he has advantages that the average Joe Blow doesn’t have.
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and blog
n. a type of online diary that someone makes available to other people on the internet. (A very popular way to communicate one’s personal details without any social interaction.) John started a weblog so that other people could read about what he eats for breakfast. I deleted my blog, since it was too silly.


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The only limitations are your imagination and time constraints--the most successful blogs must be regularly updated to keep readers coming back.
Understanding a blog writer's depth of emotion can help brands anticipate the spread and velocity of good and bad news.
This may be the first farm show blog, but it most likely will not be the last.
FIRMS CAN USE INTERNAL KNOWLEDGE BLOGS to help current employees work more efficiently and to get new hires up to speed quickly.
If search engine optimization is a concern to you, blogs are the best way I know to move up the ladder as well as increase your page rank.
Head the blog with the eyes of the criminal, taking in unnecessary private details about where you live, work, or shop, where your children go to school, your habits, or when your home is unattended.
A blog also has the major advantage or disadvantage of potentially being very public; a Web site recognized as a blog can easily be found by other bloggers, and might come to widespread attention.
Last, but not least, writing a blog takes time: A vice president at Boeing Commercial Airplanes told the paper that writing his blog sometimes eats up as much as two hours a day.
Technorati, a blog search engine and measurement firm, calls blogs a personal journal on the web and says the power of weblogs is that they allow millions of people to easily publish their ideas and millions more to comment on them.
Companies whose employees participate in blogs could face various professional liability exposures.
Welcome to the Blogosphere: The Educational Use of Blogs AKA Edublogs.
Some blogs are updated several times a day, although most business blogs are updated far less often than that.
The rest of the book investigates ways Democrats can let the blogs into their power structure and start winning some elections.
We look forward to helping LeadingRE members increase brand awareness and sales via real estate blogs.
com site is one of the more prominent lesbian blogs on the Web, along with Pam's House Blend by Pam Spaulding.