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Joe Bloggs

A typical, ordinary, average person. (Though suggesting a male given the use of "Joe," it does not necessarily refer to a man.) Their security is so lax that any old Joe Bloggs could walk right up and take their equipment. For any new piece of technology to succeed in the market these days, it has to be easy for any Joe Bloggs to pick up and use.
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1. noun A webpage that is, or is similar to, an online journal, typically in which entries are posted regularly and in chronological order. The term is short for "weblog." I think it would be fun to start a fashion blog!
2. verb To maintain and post entries to a blog. I've been so busy that I haven't blogged in weeks. When I was going through that rough patch, I found it really helpful to blog about it.

ˌJoe ˈBloggs

(British English) (American English ˌJoe ˈBlow) (informal) a way of referring to a typical ordinary person: What will this promised cut in taxes really mean to Joe Bloggs and his family?As the son of a senator, of course he has advantages that the average Joe Blow doesn’t have.
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and blog
n. a type of online diary that someone makes available to other people on the internet. (A very popular way to communicate one’s personal details without any social interaction.) John started a weblog so that other people could read about what he eats for breakfast. I deleted my blog, since it was too silly.


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Because we think that bloggers can continue to honestly express their views on their chosen topics only in an atmosphere of freedom -- without any threats or intimidation, without any misinformation or disinformation.
that same day, she will also be participating in a discussion with other bloggers on future trends in interior design.
Blogger and the Brand will take place on Monday, September 11th at 6 PM.
With the rise of apps and social media, food is just a few clicks of the button away, while bloggers can make or break a restaurant with a single review.
THE region's only awards that recognise the best bloggers across the North East are back for the second year running.
Another secular blogger, Ananta Bijoy Das, was attacked by machete-wielding attackers and killed in the northeastern district of Sylhet on May 12.
Bonnie Gowen, mom blogger of WEMAKE7, was invited to shop four times at Shaw's Markets using its 'MyMixx, My Savings' app and write about her expeditions.
But Google assures bloggers that no site will be deleted due to this change.
A recommen- dation from a blogger is free publicity for the brand, worth earned media dollars.
It was an event that celebrated blogging in every sense of the word with an audience of 200 bloggers, social media experts and prominent speakers.
Dublin, Ireland, will be hosting next year's TBEX Europe travel bloggers conference, one of the largest conferences, worldwide, for travel bloggers.
For example, a professional blogger who runs a home decorating blog may have experience with many different decorating or remodeling techniques.
Meanwhile, blogger El Barraka had a different opinion.
Blog editor Bora Zivkovic oversees and moderates the network in addition to his work as an established blogger responsible for A Blog Around the Clock, which focuses on chronobiology, education, and related areas.
I suddenly felt I was reliving the blogger phenomenon that took over the New York fashion scene two years ago and the ensuing backlash.