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Across the street and half a block down, high up in a building, I could see heads peering out.
A block distant a hundred of our comrades had been holding a building.
The policeman hurried to assist a tall blonde in an opera cloak across the street in front of a street car that was approaching two blocks away.
The policeman saw a man half way down the block running to catch a car.
On hemmed-in ground, I would block any way of retreat.
The king parted his hair with his hands, and looking at the block he said:
Five minutes later the merchant was leading his slave to the public market, where a great concourse of people filled the great open space in the centre of which stood the slave block.
He knelt down, said his prayers, and observed, not without a feeling of sincere joy, that, laying his head on the block, and keeping his eyes open, he would be able to his last moment to see the grated window of the Buytenhof.
Here you fella, catch one fella block along store-room.
Jackson promised to knock Ah Moy's block off if he did not feed the puppy well, while Sigurd Halvorsen, in the forecastle, did his best to knock off Henrik Gjertsen's block when the latter was guilty of kicking Scraps out of his way.
That would be very romantic, but one would have to be very good to be a missionary, and that would be a stumbling block.
There was an old barrel there, upside down, one side resting on a block of wood.
I remembered the watch- tackle--a small double and single block affair--and fetched it.
About a block back," she said, "I saw a man with hip disease.
Marshalsea Place:' the houses in which I recognised, not only as the great block of the former prison, but as preserving the rooms that arose in my mind's-eye when I became Little Dorrit's biographer.