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blink at (something)

1. Literally, to quickly open and close one's eyes, perhaps several times in succession. I had to blink at the bright sunlight that blinded me when I stepped out of the house.
2. To ignore something, often because it is unpleasant. I've been blinking at the strange issue with my car because I don't have the money to get it repaired right now.
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blink at something

1. Lit. to open and close the eyelids quickly, one or more times. I blinked at the bright light and finally had to close my eyes. Don't blink at me while I am trying to take your picture.
2. Fig. to overlook something, such as a mistake. (As if one had blinked one's eyes rather than seeing the error.) I just can't blink at that kind of behavior. We can't blink at what evil you did.
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If you don't blink at all with a light-recoiling handgun such as a .
Chronic blinkers will likely be surprised to find they blink at first even when dryfiring.
Wawa will also be one of Chase's earliest partners to launch its co-branded credit card with the blink feature, allowing customers the ability to use the new Wawa co-branded card and Chase cards with blink at all 540 of its locations.
Not only will we be able to delight our customers with Wawa rewards like free gas, but we will also increase our speed and efficiency by offering and accepting Chase cards with blink at all 540 of our stores.
5 million Chase cardmembers using cards with blink at locations where speed and convenience are important to consumers, including 7-Eleven, Arby's, CVS, Edwards Theatres, RaceTrac, Regal Cinema, United Artist Theatres and Walgreens.
Initially, Chase cardmembers will be able to blink at well-known movie theaters, convenience and specialty retailers such as 7-Eleven, quick service restaurants and drug stores.