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1. slang Jewelry, especially that which is sparkly or flashy. This term can have a negative connotation when describing something deemed gaudy. That dress is so plain that some bling-bling will really jazz it up. Yikes, what's with all the bling-bling tonight? You look like Liberace!
2. slang Sparkly or glittery. That dress is so plain that a bling-bling necklace will really jazz it up.


1. n. fancy jewelry, especially chains and the like that sparkle or tinkle when in motion. (Streets.) All that bling-bling’s gonna give you a sore neck!
2. mod. fancy or sparkly, from the glimmer of light. (Streets.) Tiff! Your chains are so bling-bling!

bling, bling-bling

Sparkly, gaudy jewelry. This slangy term refers to the shininess of such accessories and the name for their clinking sound. It originated in the second half of the 1900s and was popularized in the hip-hop community. A 1999 rap song “Bling Bling” helped spread it to mass culture. In 1988, during a campaign appearance, presidential candidate Mitt Romney described a baby wearing gold jewelry, “Oh, you’ve got some bling-bling here” (Michael Powell, New York Times, January 22, 2008). And describing the Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz arriving for the All-Star game, “He was wearing some serious bling . . . including dark sunglasses that had red beads and diamonds that probably cost more than my house” (Nick Cafardo, Boston Globe, July 13, 2010). It is well on its way to becoming a cliché.
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Abdulla Ajmal, general manager - Sales and Marketing at Ajmal Perfumes said, "Following months of research and testing among our diverse customer base, we are delighted to finally introduce Bling into this market."
Ms Borwell-Fox said: "We simply couldn't resist the challenge of creating 'Bling my Bear'.
"Any adhesive labels or decorations are strictly prohibited from being fixed to these items so any 'bling' accessories seen on sale should immediately ring alarm bells."
Lollipop Bling comes in three different fragrances- chocolate-and-raspberry- inspired Mine Again, Ribbon, which features blue raspberry, and tropical pineapple infusion Honey - and will all come in bright butterfly-topped bottles.
After a year in the program, Wallace Oil averages six Bling transactions a day, and the average transaction has tripled from $14 at the launch to $42 at the end of March.
But in recent years, rap kings like Jay-Z and Diddy have displayed their swagger with looks that were more boardroom than bling, with button-down shirts and designer suits.
Camelia Mohebi, managing director of Baby Bling, said the initiative enables entrepreneurs to start businesses and take advantage of the booming economy.
I mean, nothing's wrong with bling and nothing's wrong with going to the club and dancing out the good vibes, but like I said, saying something of substance or something you can think about or learn from.
Layer strapless top 9we love this one that has its own flowing scarf attached) with a big bling pin and a cropped cardigan.
Since the Nativity preceded the Crucifixion by more than 30 years, does that mean that bling bling now means more than accuracy?
Bling/Erica Kennedy (NEW) ($24.95, Miramax Books, ISBN 1-401-35215-4) In her debut novel Bling, Erica Kennedy exposes the dark underside of the hip-hop recording industry in the same way The Nanny Diaries outed the Park Avenue elite.
Eye-catching designs that sparkle like trendy jewelry -- "bling bling" to those in the know -- make bold statements and create sparks on a sales floor.
bling bling rings are de rigeur in the world of the A-list.
IF you think "bling bling" is the noise made by a 70s phone, then catch up.
They are so amazing - just totally tasteless but so bling, bling, bling" - fashion 'guru' Stephan Cocheru bigs up football's Royals, Posh and Becks.