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But the truth is that I was following the van blindly feeling that its driver must be more experienced than me.
In the past nationalist parties voted Pakistan People's Party (PPP) blindly but now the nationalist parties had already parted their ways form PPP.
Would you, Mr Dorril, vote for a party which blindly took the people on a mystery tour?
They blindly followed what the BCCI conveyed to them.
While hardly anyone outside the legal community doesn't yearn for simplicity, clarity, and functionality in contracts, consumers have continued to blindly agree to whatever is placed before them.
But he contends that most self-help books promote an unhealthy self-absorption and urge readers to be blindly optimistic in the face of life's challenges.
As a fledgling, the city had to feel its way blindly for awhile, but the city fathers were a gutsy bunch, who proved they were willing to take on tough objectives to succeed.
This all climaxes with what he calls the seminal question of all: was the universe we live in created "accidentally, by random forces acting blindly," or was it the result of some form of created design?
Yet this is the prescription conventional farmers (counseled by University Extension Service personnel) blindly follow from coast to coast.
The Practice Alert issued by AACN in 2005 recommends radiographic confirmation of correct tube placement prior to initial use in all critically ill patients receiving feedings or medications via blindly inserted tubes.
Yet we blindly follow these gurus through the trenches and into battle, amazed at the carnage brought on by slavish adherence to a set regimen or idea.
I shot blindly into a fight outside an LA punk club.
The part about listening blindly to what your HUD lender says may strike some borrowers as a bizarre idea.
If you read the science pages of the newspaper, not all Mann's revelations will be wholly new, but his point, driven over and over again, is that European-American culture--both North and South American--is completely, blindly and adamantly ignorant of the continents they acquired.
Mastering the techniques is not difficult, since most emergency physicians know how to do these procedures blindly, Dr.