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1. adjective, slang Very drunk. I was almost blind as I made my way home after so many shots of tequila at the bar. We sat around getting blind drunk on wine and whiskey.
2. verb, slang To drive extremely fast. Primarily heard in UK. He stormed out of the building, got into his car, and blinded along the road at a dangerous speed.
3. verb, slang To utter a string of expletives. Used especially in the phrase "effing and blinding." Primarily heard in UK. I heard him effing and blinding after dropping his cup of coffee on the floor.


slang Drunk. Do you remember last night at the bar at all? You were really blinded!
See also: blind
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mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. I guess she was blinded. She couldn’t stand up.
See also: blind
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"The idea that it goes all the way to the top is blindingly obvious.
"But I set them side by side and it was blindingly obvious what the right thing to do was, and I think the people made the right decision - they voted very substantially to leave the European Union.
But Mr Johnson said today that after writing the article it was "blindingly obvious" he should back Brexit.
As is blindingly obvious, not a single soul on planet earth would be here without the (quite literally) hard labour of all our mums, so let's take every opportunity we can to show how much we appreciate them.
North East UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott, the party's most senior politician in the region, said Labour had made a "blindingly obvious" mistake in changing the Labour leadership rules, and added Mr Legg will face no disciplinary action as a result.
Boy, did Conner nail it this time ("Artfully Revealing The Blindingly Obvious," Guncrank Diaries, March/ April 2013)!
"I salute this Conservative led government for the courage to do the blindingly obvious".
"In recent times Monty has only played when it has been blindingly obvious that he should, but perhaps England need to change their mind-set and play him unless it is blindingly obvious that he should not," he added.
"Can I begin by stating the blindingly obvious - the Health Bill's in trouble," he said.
Perhaps there is a blindingly obvious reason why such a 'demand' should be considered legitimate?
Just as it's blindingly obvious that Celtic's brief, Paul McBride QC, will shortly be asking why the SFA pursue his client Neil Lennon like rabid dogs for exercising his right to freedom of speech.
MARK SELBY can be one of the heaviest scorers when he's in the mood but the Jester from Leicester doesn't always produce blindingly good snooker, writes Adrian Humphries.
blindingly beautiful thanks to the aluminum people who are not cast of
The Hollow Earth shows blindingly fast Banksy images superimposed with time-lapse shots of London.