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do (something) blindfolded

To do something with very little or no difficulty, due to knowing it so well; to complete or accomplish something in a relaxed, carefree, or effortless manner since one is so familiar with it. It took me a little while to get used to this job, but now I could do it blindfolded! You should ask Johnny for help. He could do this type of repair blindfolded.
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able to (do something) blindfolded

Very adept at doing something, with very little or no difficulty; able to complete or accomplish something in a relaxed, carefree, or effortless manner. It took me a little while to get used to this job, but now I'm able do it blindfolded! You should ask Johnny for help, he can do calculus blindfolded.
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able to do something blindfolded

 and able to do something standing on one's head
Fig. able to do something very easily, possibly without even looking. (Able to can be replaced with can.) Bill boasted that he could pass his driver's test blindfolded.
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do blindfolded

Also, do standing on one's head. Perform very easily, as in Dave said he could do the income tax return blindfolded, or An excellent carpenter, he could do just about anything standing on his head. For a synonymous hyperbolic expression, see with one arm tied.
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However, when blindfolded a significant difference was observed in females and the dominant hand was faster than non-dominant hand (Table 2 and 3).
With four BBC crew members, headed by director, Karen McGann, a German crew of three and Farook's team of four, who Bowering says were "a tremendous asset, especially with herding the blindfolded Germans around town safely," The Eye of Dubai began shooting in a classic observational documentary style.
Each day, 15 of the soldiers will walk blindfolded while the others assist.
In the blurry, 75-second video, which might have been filmed on a cellphone, a man wearing sunglasses and the uniform of an Israeli sergeant dances to Arabic music around a blindfolded and bound woman in a Muslim headscarf and black robe.
Exposure of the video came just six weeks after an Israeli female soldier sparked widespread outrage by posting pictures of herself smiling and larking around next to blindfolded and handcuffed Palestinian prisoners.
A former Israeli soldier's Facebook page has provoked outrage after she posted pictures of herself on duty posing next to handcuffed, blindfolded Palestinians.
Summary: A former Israeli soldier has posted photos on Facebook of herself in uniform smiling beside bound and blindfolded Palestinian prisoners.
Heshmatollah Attarzadeh's first captors blindfolded him and spoke to each other in Pashto, he told a state news website.
She was allegedly forced into a car by three men, blindfolded and taken to an apartment where seven men were waiting for them.
In their experiments, blocking the vision of 1-year-olds with a blindfold led the youngsters to appreciate that a blindfolded adult couldn't see toys on a table, an insight that usually eludes 1-year-olds.
The former Bishop for Birmingham John Sentamu has spoken of the time he was blindfolded and taken to a secret hideout in an attempt to persuade witnesses to give evidence in a highprofile city murder trial.
Stephen, of Larbert, near Falkirk, added: "We need people to enter in pairs, one to be blindfolded and earmuffed and another to guide.
Two local runners - Charlie Rabe, 25, of Worcester and Laura Smith, 25, formerly of Holden - are pairing up as one of the blindfolded teams that will compete against some of the top blind athletes in the world over a 3.
Chris and other hostages blindfolded in a firing line
I always assumed that the famous statue of ``Blind Justice'' was blindfolded to signify that the law must be fair, impartial and just, without regard for the appearance, wealth, station in life or power of those being judged.