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do (something) blindfolded

To do something with very little or no difficulty, due to knowing it so well; to complete or accomplish something in a relaxed, carefree, or effortless manner since one is so familiar with it. It took me a little while to get used to this job, but now I could do it blindfolded! You should ask Johnny for help. He could do this type of repair blindfolded.
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able to (do something) blindfolded

Very adept at doing something, with very little or no difficulty; able to complete or accomplish something in a relaxed, carefree, or effortless manner. It took me a little while to get used to this job, but now I'm able do it blindfolded! You should ask Johnny for help, he can do calculus blindfolded.
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able to do something blindfolded

 and able to do something standing on one's head
Fig. able to do something very easily, possibly without even looking. (Able to can be replaced with can.) Bill boasted that he could pass his driver's test blindfolded.
See also: able, blindfold

do blindfolded

Also, do standing on one's head. Perform very easily, as in Dave said he could do the income tax return blindfolded, or An excellent carpenter, he could do just about anything standing on his head. For a synonymous hyperbolic expression, see with one arm tied.
See also: blindfold
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The Blindfold Artist provides few details but this is an excellent checklist of items to consider.
Children who had played only with cloth or had used a see-through blindfold persistently looked in the direction of the adult's presumed gaze, acting as if the blindfolded experimenter could see.
Guided like a blind man to a car, they told me to sit slumped forward, obviously to prevent me from seeing where we were going in case the blindfold slipped.
In 2016, the Supreme Court again lifted the blindfold, and with unusual powers of sight beheld that Gloria Arroyo - president of the Philippines at the time of the plunder of state lottery funds - was not the 'main plunderer' in the case.
The self-proclaimed Blindfold King showed his prowess back in 2013 when he won 29 matches and lost none in a 10-hour chess marathon.
Then blindfold the kids and let them guess what they are by touch alone.
WITH blindfolds in place, these bus drivers got a taste of what it is like for their passengers with sight problems.
Along the way I told him to tell me to stop and I put a cone down - this was before I had any blindfold on.
Crowds - including Dragons' Den star Duncan Bannatyne - joined PC David Rathband in the blindfold "goodwill walk" to raise money for emergency services staff injured in the line of duty.
Mr Moore, 36, from Lincoln, told Channel 4 News: "They handcuff me behind my back, blindfold me, walk me out into another room, and they kneel me down.
Working in pairs, 10 and 11-year-olds at the school have taken it in turns to blindfold each other as part of a look at World War II.
It's not quite the blind leading the blind, but on June 2 at Roberto Clemente Field in Boston's historic Fenway neighborhood, sighted runners will have the unique opportunity to experience life as a visually impaired athlete as part of the Blindfold Challenge at the 2007 Vision 5K road race.
Paul Townsend, 38, of Wellwright Road, Fairwater, Cardiff, is mad about fast cars but will take his hobby one step further in September when he attempts to reach 149mph in a Ferrari F40, wearing a blindfold, live on television.