blind to

blind to (something)

Ignoring something; oblivious to something. Kara worships her father and is completely blind to his shortcomings. She is going to be heartbroken once she learns about his embezzlement. I know you're blind to any issues with your car, but unless you want it to break down, you're going to have to take it to the shop.
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blind someone to something

Fig. to prevent someone from seeing or understanding something. The king blinded his subjects to what was going on by controlling what appeared in the newspapers. The lies and confusion blinded Jill to what was happening. She blinded herself to all his faults.
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Johnson and his friends carried the blind to a launch ramp on a flatbed trailer.
MILESTONE Hilary's Blinds chief executive John Risman presents the 25 millionth blind to customer Victoria Bell
Federal funding for what came to be known as "Centers for Independent Living" enables some agencies serving the blind to formalize separate programs for blind people, including the elderly, who are not pursuing vocational goals.
Do you want the blind to disappear when raised to show off the design of the window?
A professional ideology has developed from early images about the philanthropic care of the blind to later claims which appealed to "science" for legitimation.
Removing the eight bolts and the floor screws allows the large blind to be carried to another location intact by placing it on a trailer or skid.
Since the demonstration the RNIB has secured the backing 248 MPs who signed an Early Day Motion calling for benefits for the blind to be raised in line with wheelchair users.
The foot section folds up and snaps in place, allowing the blind to be stored easily even when fully grassed.
I expect this blind to last 20-plus years with little maintenance."
There is no doubt that this program has significant impact on helping older individuals who are blind to have more independently in their homes and communities and to participate more actively in the social, recreational, and civic of their communities.
Nettleton said curving the blind to create a top covering is extremely important.
The ECB is a full-featured ground blind that also features removable wheels to allow the blind to double as a cart for carrying up to a dozen full-body decoys, four dozen silhouettes, 200 rag decoys, plus a gun, flag and shooting bag.
When brushing your blind, put the natural grass through the brush straps on the blind, but also put some around your blind and loosely spread it over your blind to make the edges disappear.
Tie only to the blind sides, not to the base frame to allow the blind to fold up for travel.
Removable wheels transform the Cargo Blind from layout blind to gear hauler in a heartbeat.