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Meanwhile, Wolf in the Winter will create "an intervention inspired by Bruegel's Blind Leading the Blind, a painting of six ragged figures stumbling across a rural landscape".
Blind leading the blind BRITAIN'S newest racecourse at Ffos Las is doing its bit to be all-inclusive, The Dikler hears.
It could almost be a case of the blind leading the blind except that we can see, unlike you dogmatists, whose search for a non-existent nirvana means the destruction of so much which is good about our society.
But in Domenico Fett's The Blind Leading the Blind the unfortunate souls fall around in front of a beautiful church and tower, and in Giuseppe Maria Crespi's The Flea a woman searches for the insect in her clothing in an idealised setting where a small dog slumbers on the bed and cheeky Peeping Toms look in through a window.
It's not quite the blind leading the blind, but on June 2 at Roberto Clemente Field in Boston's historic Fenway neighborhood, sighted runners will have the unique opportunity to experience life as a visually impaired athlete as part of the Blindfold Challenge at the 2007 Vision 5K road race.
When you're married at 16 and pregnant at 17, it's like the blind leading the blind," says Flowers, mother of Michael, 22, and Jasmine, 14.
level is rather a case of the blind leading the blind.
THE DAILY BARRAGE OF news stories about the fundamental failure of both our statewide educational system and the legislative body that is responsible for overseeing it--case of the blind leading the blind if ever there was one--almost makes it seem like there is nothing "positive" going on in Arkansas.
It's the blind leading the blind when we have a Government that allows more than 8,500 people to wait for a cataract operation which would restore their sight.
Roger Coleman The varying limit there already is what causes the traffic congestion Martyn Evans Blind leading the blind with this stretch of the M4.
Perhaps it is a case of the blind leading the blind, if that is not too offensive.
In my considered opinion what happens in statutory education (I did chair a governing body for 38 years and also served as a governor of a high school, middle school and first school, also a college of further education, so I claim some experience in my considered opinion), it is "the blind leading the blind.
They are all given the same name: The Blind Leading the Blind, a reference to Pieter Brueghel the Elder's painting Parable of the Blind, 1568.
Anyway, we are stuck with them because the people who run the clubs don't seem to have a mind of their own, so it is a case of the blind leading the blind.
A lot of them, not all, were not horsemen in any way and it was almost like the blind leading the blind.