blind as a bat

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(as) blind as a bat

1. Unable to see at all. After neglecting his vision for years, my grandfather became blind as a bat, unable to even see shadows.
2. Having poor vision. I've worn glasses for 20 years, so I'm as blind as a bat now.
3. Oblivious to something. Are you blind as a bat? Those two have been flirting all afternoon!
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*blind as a bat

1. completely blind. (Bats are not really blind. *Also: as ~.) He lost his sight in an accident and is as blind as a bat.
2. not able to see well. I'm as blind as a bat without my glasses.
3. unwilling to recognize problems or bad things. Connie is blind as a bat when it comes to her daughter's disgraceful behavior.
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blind as a bat

Quite blind; also, unaware. For example, Without my glasses I'm blind as a bat, or I had no idea they wanted me to take over his job; I was blind as a bat. This simile, based on the erroneous idea that the bat's erratic flight means it cannot see properly, has survived even though it is now known that bats have a sophisticated built-in sonar system. [Late 1500s]
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blind as a bat

If someone is as blind as a bat, they cannot see well. Without my glasses I was as blind as a bat. Note: Most bats are active only at night and find their way by sending out sounds and sensing objects from the echoes, rather than by using their eyesight.
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(as) blind as a ˈbat

(humorous) not able to see well: I’m as blind as a bat without my glasses.
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