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Immediately after pulling the arm of Miss Pearce, this group of individuals chose to run down a blind alley before finding the taxi.
Lest the red zone is soaked with the blood of people of Pakistan if talks enter into blind alley, he said while expressing deep concern over the prevailing situation in federal capital.
JOHN FLECK last night insisted Rangers stars are being forced to tear up their contracts after being led up a blind alley by the people in charge of the Ibrox outfit.
Musharraf has pushed us into a blind alley by deciding not to return to Pakistan," he said, adding that he was contemplating distancing himself from the party and even quitting politics altogether.
So we urge the PM to listen to the British people and change course, adopting a Plan B with a strategy for economic growth instead of continuing down a blind alley.
In the light of this, it will probably also follow that those who have launched this campaign, presumably with the intention to lead themselves into a spiritual blind alley, will ultimately have to answer to the very God whose existence they have been so keen to deny.
But the inquiry ( Britain's biggest ever manhunt ( was led down a blind alley by the `Wearside Jack' hoaxes.
Stephen Joseph, director of Transport 2000, said: 'This report demonstrates clearly that the proposed M6 Expressway is a blind alley that would fail to solve congestion.
Leeds had appeared to turn a corner with victory at West Ham last Sunday and in the Uefa Cup against Hapoel Tel-Aviv on Thursday but it has proven to be nothing more than the club heading down a blind alley following their 4-2 humiliation at home to Bolton.
In reality, they too are heading down a blind alley.
Political matters will have to be stopped from drifting into blind alley and matters will have to be sorted out in consonance with democratic norms rather than toeing the line of ego", he said this while giving briefing to media men here Friday after his meeting with interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan at Punjab House.
He further said that Pakistan's democracy could not go into a blind alley.
Adam Smith, of Kirkcaldy, pointed out in 1776 that we all benefit from free trade and that, by inference, protectionism is a blind alley.
To make matters worse, while Michael Clarke (right) led the T20 side down a blind alley, Ashes hopefuls Mike Hussey, Marcus North and Phil Hughes all failed for their state teams.
But the inquiry was led down a blind alley by the three letters and a tape sent to the investigation team by a man dubbed Wearside Jack due to his strong Sunderland accent.