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a blight on the land

Something that is environmentally harmful or destructive. Opponents of hydraulic fracturing see it as a blight on the land. We need to take action against greenhouse gases and similar blights on the land. Books like Silent Spring exposed synthetic pesticides as the blight on the land that they are.
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blight on the land

Fig. something that harms the land or the enviornment. Your garage is ugly! No, it's a blight on the land!
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populated tenement neighborhoods," as blighting factors.
(141) Blighting, in other words, is driven not by objective urban conditions, but by the prospect of private investment.
Not surprisingly, this piecemeal and often inventive pattern of blighting has sparked legal challenges--especially from commercial interests displaced by redevelopment, forced to compete with new businesses in the redevelopment area or unsuccessful themselves in their bids for redevelopment contracts.
Although local officials have considerable discretion in "blighting," they nevertheless must make a credible case that a given redevelopment area is deserving of public subsidy or public attention.
(183) Nonetheless, in one New Jersey case, the redevelopment area reached twenty-three feet in the air at one point in order to reach a second parcel of land while blighting only the airspace between them.
Finally, blighting and redevelopment, especially under TIF statutes, is distorted by an intense local competition for tax revenues.