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a blight on the land

Something that is environmentally harmful or destructive. Opponents of hydraulic fracturing see it as a blight on the land. We need to take action against greenhouse gases and similar blights on the land. Books like Silent Spring exposed synthetic pesticides as the blight on the land that they are.
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blight on the land

Fig. something that harms the land or the enviornment. Your garage is ugly! No, it's a blight on the land!
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(32) A blighted area was viewed both as the source and the result of the crime and the economic and spiritual poverty that infected the living city like a disease.
decided to make substantial investments in the blighted area.
Reportedly, crime has dropped by 90 percent in the most severely blighted areas, and area merchants report improvement in their businesses.
The blighted trees were at slightly lower elevations than healthy palms located within the forest proper.
Landowners whose property was declared blighted but never formally condemned can recover consequential damages if the city unduly delayed condemnation proceedings or engaged in untoward activity, according to the Supreme Court of Missouri.
[w]here eminent domain authority is based upon a determination that a defined area is blighted, the condemning authority shall individually consider each parcel of property in the defined area with regard to whether the property meets the relevant statutory definition of blight.
Are tomatoes blighted? The older leaves on my tomato plant have gone a bit yellow and brown between the veins.
Second, the government can declare neighborhoods "blighted" through vague and expansive definitions that permit the government to proclaim virtually any poor or even middle-class neighborhood blighted.
The decision vests state and local governments with broad power to enact laws allowing for acquisition of private property by eminent domain as part of a comprehensive redevelopment initiative, even where the property to be acquired is not blighted or in need of redevelopment.
He said: 'Soon after that this question of the site being under investigation came up, which blighted the property.
Grow first and second early varieties that mature before the end of July; avoid warm and sheltered sites if possible; plant at wider spacings; cut off blighted tops at the first sign of disease ( premature browning of the leaves ( though this is not necessary with Sarpo varieties; after cutting off foliage, delay lifting tubers for several weeks; not store or compost any blighted tubers or foliage.
Once king of the eastern forests, the American chestnut is today little more than a blighted relic.
Some plant pathologists have treated blighted chestnuts with naturally hypovirulent fungus.