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a blight on the land

Something that is environmentally harmful or destructive. Opponents of hydraulic fracturing see it as a blight on the land.
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blight on the land

Fig. something that harms the land or the enviornment. Your garage is ugly! No, it's a blight on the land!
See also: blight, land, on
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QTL1 and QTL 2 were reported for involvement in Ascochyta resistance showing 50 and 45% of blight variation within two successive years while their association with genomic regions on LG1, LG2, LG3 and LG4 is also conferred (Santra et al.
The lines were screened for resistance against bacterial leaf blight at Agronomic Research Station Farooqabad, Sheikhupura, Pakistan.
Its flesh is easily bruised, and it's somewhat susceptible to fire blight.
Although use of systemic and protectant fungicides for controlling late blight has been the most important aspect of disease management in temperate countries (Olanya et al.
In 2012, the third year of the trial, all the non-GM potatoes in the trial were infected with late blight by August while the modified vegetables remained resistant.
Mrs Spelman said her proposed Bill would require the Secretary of State to amend legislation to allow for noise contours to be used as a measure of property blight caused by national infrastructure projects.
There isn't much that the amateur gardener can do to protect potatoes from blight.
Of course you can enrich your soil with plenty of organic matter, but if the weather's damp, it won't make any difference to blight, because the spores are carried in the air.
But the blight label means MVP can force even the owners of well-maintained homes and businesses in the neighborhood to sell under the threat of condemnation.
Chris Blight forced the first home after a scramble round the net, but Coventry equalised a minute later when Dustin Cameron met a Beleskey pass from the corner.
Ireland's environmental protection agency has approved the first trial of a genetically modified potato crop designed to improve resistance to blight.
Late blight, a fast-moving fungal disease that devastates tomato plants, has been detected in three counties adjacent to Worcester County.
ANDY BLIGHT could not hide his delight following his appointment as the assistant manager of the English Schools' Football Association's international squad for the 2012-13 season.
Condemnation blight refers to the detrimental conditions that a landowner must endure when his property suffers a loss in value from the time that the state announces the expropriation until its completion.