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a blight on the land

Something that is environmentally harmful or destructive. Opponents of hydraulic fracturing see it as a blight on the land. We need to take action against greenhouse gases and similar blights on the land. Books like Silent Spring exposed synthetic pesticides as the blight on the land that they are.
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blight on the land

Fig. something that harms the land or the enviornment. Your garage is ugly! No, it's a blight on the land!
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The blight spores that are causing the current infection were likely carried here in wind currents from storms in the South, traveling from state to state.
Section II of this Comment gives an overview of the law pertinent to an analysis and discussion of condemnation blight in Louisiana.
In the league named Blight, GGG has added a new combat mode, and what you need to do is stopping the spread of the deadly Blight, which would cause threat to all creatures on the continent of Azeroth.
It causes late blight disease in solanaceae plants especially during cool and moist period worldwide (Fry et al., 2013).
Blight has already given his take: to the Washington Post on "the dangers of presidential ignorance"; for the Guardian on Trump as "the gift that keeps on giving".
In October 2017 a conduct and competence panel of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) suspended Mr Blight for six months on grounds of misconduct.
Due to moderate low temperature and high humidity during the maize growing period, turcicum leaf blight of maize (syn.
A chemical explosion, triggering a deadly blight across the compound and beyond, sends Tempest outside her once-safe borders into the forest, bearing seeds from the one plant that resisted the blight.
Mr Blight, who became a paramedic in 1986, started writing the social media posts after he failed to get the role of special operations manager at the NHS trust in 2014.
ABSTRACT: Current study comprised of 20 donor parent lines and four indica elite strains resistant against bacterial leaf blight having diversity in origin viz.
There is one disease that can wreak havoc on a pear tree--the dreaded fire blight --a disease that affects apples, pears and quince.