blow (one's) fuse

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blow (one's) fuse

To react furiously and/or violently, to the point of losing control of one's behavior. Mom totally blew her fuse when I told her I had failed math. Don't blow your fuse, it's just a tiny scratch on the car.
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blow one’s fuse

See also: blow, fuse
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blow one's top/stack/fuse, to

To lose one’s temper. The first two terms allude to clearing the stack of a ship by blowing air through it; the last refers to the sudden power stoppage when a fuse blows. All are slang from the first half of the twentieth century. Jane Smiley wrote in Horse Heaven (2000), “‘It’s kind of fun in a way. At least I get to blow my stack a lot and they don’t mind. Blowing your stack is the way they do things here.’”
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Both men blew fuses. Both believe they were fully justified to do so.
Heavy rain caused a leak at the Arden Nursing Home, in Armscott Road, Wyken, setting off fire alarms, and an aerial was brought down at a house in Nuffield Road, Foleshill, which blew fuses in a neighbouring house.
Computers nearby were badly affected and several blew fuses. It is also believed that the telephone system was knocked out for a while.
Parts of the course, including the Tote building, were left without power in the run-up to the first race after the SIS unit plugged into the course supply and blew fuses out.