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Nino, used as a gayuma or love charm, gave me an exasperated look when I asked about the blessing.
Blessing also worked in a number of films like "LBJ: The Early Years" in 1987, "Amos" in 1985 and "Joshua's Heart" in 1990.
To recognize the important role Whole Foods Market, its team members and its leadership have played in enabling Theresa Carrington and The Blessing Basket Project to improve the lives of the people living in Zaare and Nyariga, Brandon was made Nabia (Prince) of Chief Asaana's royal family.
The apparent and hidden blessings and talents are spread on the table of life and nature so that we can get whatever we need in life.
The student whose turn it was had to name the blessing for that food.
In his guidelines, Cowan emphasized that a blessing should not be construed as a solemnization of matrimony in the church.
Growing up Catholic, I knew about blessing things for holy usage like Bibles, scapulars, rosaries, medals, and palms.
He made a quick dash to the ATM, withdrew all his savings, and awaited the priest's blessing that would tell him which horse to bet on.
First, Jacob, posing as Esau, requests a blessing from Isaac: '.
4 : a short prayer <She said a blessing before dinner.
Then, in 1998, Ron started Blessing Construction, which today offers a variety of services from demolition and excavation to site prep and concrete paving.
David blessed God by pronouncing the blessing formula, and I suspect that what is explicit here is implicit on all the other occasions when humans blessed God.
The pair were the stars of the show when members of congregation were invited to take along their pets for a blessing by Franciscan monks and a priest.
Such was the scene Saturday at the Hansen Dam Recreation Area for the 15th annual Blessing of the Cars, organized by car aficionados as an intersection of the sacred and the sinners, God's men and gearheads.
Robertson's Operation Blessing was placed second on the list, right after the Red Cross.