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bless your pointy little head

A condescending phrase used to patronize someone for being foolish or not very bright. You failed the exam because you thought the sun was a planet? Aw, bless your pointy little head.
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bless the world with (one's) heels

To be hanged. A: "Did you hear what happened to the fellow that got caught robbing the general store? He blessed the world with his heels today." B: "Wow. I didn't know that was an offense punishable by hanging."
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bless (one's) cotton socks

An expression of one's fondness for another person. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Look at this picture that my sweet daughter drew me, bless her cotton socks!
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bless (one's) heart

An expression of one's fondness or appreciation for another person. Look at this picture that my sweet daughter drew me, bless her heart! I know I can always count on you to help me in a crisis, bless your heart.
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bless (one's) lucky star(s)

An expression of appreciation for a beneficial occurrence. You should bless your lucky stars that you managed to avoid that violent car accident. We bless our lucky star that we were able to get a home in this neighborhood at such a reasonable price.
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bless my stars

An exclamation of surprise. Oh, bless my stars! Don't sneak up on me like that!
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bless (one) with (something)

1. To bestow something favorable upon someone, as of a gift from God. The Lord has blessed us with fine weather during the harvest season.
2. To anoint someone with something during a religious ritual. The priest blessed the baby with holy oil during the baptism ceremony.
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(God) bless you

1. An phrase wishing good health to someone who has just sneezed. God bless you! Do you need a tissue?
2. An expression of one's appreciation for another person. "God" is not usually mentioned in this usage. A: "Here, I got coffee for you too." B: "Oh, bless you! I'm so tired today."
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Bless one's lucky star,

 and Bless one's stars.
Prov. Be thankful for a lucky thing that happened. (Also Bless my Stars!, a mild interjection of surprise.) I bless my lucky star that I met you, dear. I was in a car crash yesterday, and I bless my stars that no one was hurt. Alan: Look, honey! I gave the house a thorough cleaning while you were away. Jane: Bless my stars!
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bless someone or something with something

[for God or fate] to give someone or something a valuable gift. God has blessed us with a bountiful harvest. Nature blessed the morning with a gentle rain.
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not have a penny to bless yourself with

be completely impoverished. dated
This expression refers either to the cross on the silver pennies which circulated in England before the reign of Charles II or to the practice of crossing a person's palm with silver for luck.
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(British English, spoken, approving) used to express affection for somebody when you hear about something they have said or done: ‘And then he offered to cook supper for us.’ ‘Oh, bless!’

ˌbless his, her, etc. (little) cotton ˈsocks

(British English, humorous) used to express your affection for somebody because of something they have said or done: And the kids brought me breakfast in bed — bless their little cotton socks!
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ˈbless you

1 (spoken) said to somebody after they have sneezed (= made a loud noise through the nose)
2 (old-fashioned) used for expressing thanks or affection: Bless you, my dear. It’s most kind of you to help.
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ˈbless you, him, etc.

(also ˌbless your, his, etc. ˈheart less frequent) (spoken) used to express affection for somebody who has just been mentioned: Sarah, bless her, had made a cup of tea.Your mother, bless her heart, is the only friend I have.
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God ˈbless

used when you are leaving somebody, to say that you hope they will be safe, etc: Good night, God bless.
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bless you

Used to wish good health to a person who has just sneezed.
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For example, Blesser and Salter introduce the concept of an audial icon--an earcon--'a sonic event that contains special iconic meaning not present in the sound wave' (p.
I've blessed a few boats, too, but the champion boat blesser is the bishop of Norwich, Connecticut, who presides at the annual Blessing of the Fleet, a two-day festival in the Borough of Stonington honoring the memory of local fishermen lost at sea.
Dads exhibit many positive patterns of paternity, when they serve as positive role models, counselors, moral and skills teachers, social agents, buddies, blessers, providers, caretakers, and setters of limits.
Si Denver a signe un 19 succes de rang sur son parquet, les Nuggets ont vu Evan Fournier rentrer dans le rang et surtout Danilo Gallinari se blesser.
On Sir Mix-a-Lot's Booty Calls, you can hear the master get down to business and draw the fine distinctions between Da Onion, Donkey, Switch & Drop, the Hip Gripper, the Palm, the Crash Helmet, or Thong blesser.
Ainsi nous n'avons pas seulement le devoir d'aider si nous le pouvons financierement (devoir positif) mais aussi nous avons le << devoir negatif >> de ne pas blesser (15,16).
Plutot que de concevoir ces Luvres comme une compromission de leurs auteurs avec le systeme dominant, Robert Lalonde l'envisage comme une ouverture de leur univers a l'Autre : << on ne prend pas la parole pour tuer, ni meme pour blesser, mais pour apaiser, fermer une plaie, consoler et peut-etre guerir >> (13).
A blesser is a person who goes about making everything blessed simply by his or her presence.
HIDDEN VALLEY (42) - Masiak 2, Blesser 2, Ford 17, Dean 5, L.
Par consequent, toute solution a la violence contre les femmes doit considerer notre propension humaine comme devant etre alienee devant lels autres, blesser les autres et daus ce processus, nous blesser nousmemes.
Barry Blesser, digital audio pioneer, director of engineering for 25-Seven Systems and contributing columnist for Radio World Engineering Extra magazine, will deliver the opening keynote speech at the NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference on Sunday, April 11 at 9:00 am.
Mon enfant Te voir pour la premiere fois Me fait trembler d'emoi Et me rend si maladroit Dans les bras de ta mere Encore tout petit Aussi petit que le Petit Poucet J'ai envie de te caresser J'ai peur de te blesser Je veux tellement t'enlacer J'ai peur de te casser J'ai hate de t'embrasser J'ai peur de te froisser Je suis si angoisse
Elle atteignait sa cible sans pour autant la blesser.
Bawab", (nom arabe de portier), ce mot suffit a lui seul de blesser son amour-propre.