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blend in(to) (something)

To merge seamlessly and successfully with something. Do you think Sam will be able to blend into the group? He can be pretty standoffish. Be sure to blend in your makeup so that your face isn't two different colors. Don't wear anything too flashy—try to blend into the background.
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blend together

To merge seamlessly and successfully with something. Each of the items being combined can be stated in the phrase. Can you blend together the ingredients for the icing while I prep the next step? Blend the butter together with the eggs.
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blend in (to something)

to combine nicely with something; to mix well with something. The oil won't blend into the water very well. It simply won't blend in.
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blend in (to something)

to combine nicely with something; to mix well with something. The oil won't blend into the water very well. It simply won't blend in.
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blend (something) into (something else)

 and blend (something) in
to mix something evenly into something else. We should blend the strawberry jam into the peanut butter slowly. You should blend in some more jam.
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blend something together (with something)

to mix something evenly with something else. Blend the egg together with the cream. Blend the ingredients together and pour them into a baking pan.
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blend/fade into the ˈwoodwork

behave in a way that does not attract any attention; disappear or hide: I decided the best thing to do would be to try and fade into the woodwork and hope that no one noticed me.
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Cavity transfer mixer for continuous blending in sizes 25 to 450 mm (built under license from Rapra of the U.
Other metering, feeding and blending product include AutoWeigh totalizers for accurate weight monitoring of bulk materials (1600 to 7000 lb/hr) entering storage or flowing to processing lines; and gravimetric dispensers, which provide precise batch weights from a few lb to 1000 lb for charging rotational molders or high-intensity mixers.
is the first known company on the East Coast and the second known in the nation to make a biodiesel injection blending facility available for petroleum distributors.
Ultrasonic blending in a batch mixer produced twice the elongation at break achieved with a simple melt blend.
Founded in 1988 by a group of American vintners frustrated with limitations on varietal labeling requirements, The Meritage Association promotes blended wines made in the tradition of Bordeaux, recognizing that blending is the highest form of the winemaker's art.
Horizontal paddle mixers in 2-to 360-cu-ft batch sizes for fast blending of regrinds, slurries, and powders.
It is an invented word, neither French nor English, a blend of merit (for quality) and heritage (for the Bordeaux tradition of blending varieties).
Blending Systems for reinforced and nonreinforced liquid systems such as urethanes.
Smooth roasted to a medium roast profile, this coffee brings together the blending and roasting artistry that makes Seattle's Best Coffee distinctive.
A printer can be added to capture blending data, or the blender can be connected to host computer.
New software module facilitates integrated plant planning, scheduling and blending
Honeywell found that blending with water reduces the high vapor pressure of HFC-245fa, thus eliminating the need for a more costly type of container.
CDT will provide blending instructions and the Platinum Plus FBC to qualified fuel marketers interested in blending licenses.
Primary applications include rigid and plasticized PVC, polyolefins, engineering plastics, master-batching, and blending reinforced plastics.