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blend together

To merge seamlessly and successfully with something. Each of the items being combined can be stated in the phrase. Can you blend together the ingredients for the icing while I prep the next step? Blend the butter together with the eggs.
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blend into the woodwork

To make oneself inconspicuous. Because I'm on probation at work, I'm just trying to blend into the woodwork for now.
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blend something together (with something)

to mix something evenly with something else. Blend the egg together with the cream. Blend the ingredients together and pour them into a baking pan.
See also: blend, together
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For high-volume, high-speed blending, Hurricane large-capacity mixers can handle 389 or 676 lb of material.
On 19 May 2005, the EPA announced that it would not finalize the sewage blending policy as proposed in November 2003.
It is advantageous for a blending system to provide a number of different blending methods.
GraviMix Micro small weighing and blending system can be installed directly on processing machine.
Sometimes carrying more than one type of tea for flavoring and blending can end up being costly.
Having recovered the parts the following process steps were implemented in order to assess the value of the ETPE recyclate: Cleaning, grinding, blending, pre-drying and injection molding.
Custom-designed, modular polyol inline blending system can blend three to six components.
If your smoothie isn't thick enough, you can always try blending in some extra ice, but sometimes even ice won't thicken up a thin drink.
A two-step synthesis of TPEs that first uses polymerization followed by blending has been recently employed.
OTCBB:EBOF), today announced the opening of its new biodiesel blending facility located at the Motiva Enterprises terminal in Dallas, TX.
Gravimetric units provide continuous, high-accuracy, in-line weigh blending of up to eight ingredients.
The J&B people say it was developed during an eight-year period, with the final blending bottled in 1994, Scotch whisky's 500th-anniversary year.
The effective development of multi-phase polymer blends requires microscopy techniques capable of showing the morphologies which result from various methods of blending and compatibilizing the base resins.
The album represents a dazzling debut by a remarkable young artist, blending pop, jazz, folk and blues into a thing of soulful beauty.
Primary applications include rigid and plasticized PVC, polyolefins, engineering plastics, masterbatching, and blending reinforced plastics.