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blend (something) in

To mix or combine something smoothly or seamlessly with something else. Be sure to blend your makeup in so that your face isn't two different colors. OK, now blend the butter in with the eggs.
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blend in(to) (something)

1. To combine one or more ingredients uniformly into another substance or a larger mixture. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "blend" and "in," and it is always used between "blend" and "into." Next, blend the butter in with the rest of the ingredients. Start blending the flour into the soup stock to help thicken it. Be sure to blend in your makeup so that your face isn't two different colors.
2. To merge seamlessly and successfully with some thing or a group of people. Do you think Sam will be able to blend into the group? He can be pretty standoffish. Don't wear anything too flashy—try to blend into the background.
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blend into the woodwork

To make oneself inconspicuous. Because I'm on probation at work, I'm just trying to blend into the woodwork for now.
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blend together

To merge seamlessly and successfully with something. Each of the items being combined can be stated in the phrase. Can you blend together the ingredients for the icing while I prep the next step? Blend the butter together with the eggs.
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blend something together (with something)

to mix something evenly with something else. Blend the egg together with the cream. Blend the ingredients together and pour them into a baking pan.
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No food colour will be allowed and millers will have to retain the colour of the grains blended in each floor.
Higher Education Blended Learning Models and Perspectives;
Passion flower, a Mexico native, lends a dry wheat flavor to blended teas.
Smith sees the concerns of blended families from two perspectives, inside and outside.
To save the very liturgies and histories we love, we must understand and even appreciate, not condemn, the increasingly blended nature of the constituencies that our pastors, rabbis, gurus, and congregations serve.
Other human resource issues include the development of compensation plans, performance criteria and career paths for blended agents.
In core applications, carbon sand is usually blended with silica sand.
It has facilities to transmit or receive data on both the current and finished status of each blended batch.
HDPE used for bottle base cups was blended with PET in a 1:3.5 ratio, approximately the same as in beverage bottles.
When immiscible polymers are melt blended, two major morphologies can be expected: the sea-island or matrix-droplet morphology and a co-continuous morphology [18-20].
After determining his preferred percentage of each wine, the blender can visit the Blending Cellar's website ( to customize a label and order bottles of the custom blended wine.
"Blending In: The Extent and Promise of Blended Education in the United States" builds on the series of annual reports on the state of online education in U.S.
Systems deliver 100 to 8000 lb/hr of blended materials.
Two additions to the company's butyl product line are described in company literature, including blended isobutylene and blended halogenated butyl (HIIR).