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blend together

To merge seamlessly and successfully with something. Each of the items being combined can be stated in the phrase. Can you blend together the ingredients for the icing while I prep the next step? Blend the butter together with the eggs.
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blend into the woodwork

To make oneself inconspicuous. Because I'm on probation at work, I'm just trying to blend into the woodwork for now.
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blend something together (with something)

to mix something evenly with something else. Blend the egg together with the cream. Blend the ingredients together and pour them into a baking pan.
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Blende shares, "20 years of experience on the front line of special needs has taught me we need to cross the barrier and go to them--we're better able to do that".
(224-25) Similar to these "hyperbolic rhetorical constructions," Strubel uses ambiguities in time and collective memory in Tupolew 134 and ambiguities of identity in Offene Blende (Christiane/Jo), Snowed Under (Adina), and Kaltere Schichten der Luft (Siri, Anja/Schmoll) as a means to elicit disruptive reactions and to attack the limits of perception.
[[delta].sup.13]C for vein "coal blende" (-30 to -28 per mil, PDB) point to Oslo Region shales (-29 to -22) as possible sources for the reduced carbon.
In summary, within this special 4-oscillator hybrid model [14], which turns out to be obviously well suited for binary materials with zinc blende structure, the normalized heat capacity shape function, [[kappa].sub.h] (T) (9), reduces to a parameterized function of just 7 independent parameters (consisting of the 4 discrete phonon temperatures 0n, n = 1 to 4, in combination with the three weighting factors [w.sub.1], [w.sub.2], and [w.sub.C1]).
Her list of prizes and literary achievements ranges from the Ernst Willner Prize, received for her debut novel, Offene Blende (Open shutter), in 2001--when Strubel was just twenty-seven--to the recent long-listing for the German Book Prize (Deutscher Buchpreis) of her latest novel, Sturz der Tage in die Nacht (2011, Plunge of days into the night), described by the ARD network's Denis Scheck as the best German novel of the year.
Blende [was] able to save Mandy's teeth, correct her overbite as well as make her chewing teeth meet in the back.
zweiteiliger Aktenschrank (BxHxT) 120 x 215, 3 x 45 cm und raumhoher Blende 3 Stck
Among the most remarkable specimens in this collection are green carbonate of lead with quartz, blende with twenty sided crystals and green fluors in crystals; crystallized antimony, with red blende on quartz, yellow copper ore with opal, and arseniate of copper in cubes of bright green colour.
GaN usually exists in either a hexagonal wurtzite (h) or a cubic zinc blende (c) structure [1, 2, 8, 9].
In SAED pattern we observe three diffraction rings corresponding to the (111), (220), and (311) planes of zinc blende ZnS, and also it should be noted that the diffraction rings in the SAED pattern are discontinuous and consist of rather sharp spots, which indicates that the nanowires are well crystallized.
Figure 2 presents the XRD spectra of samples I1, II1, and III1 for crystal phase identification, where the XRD profile of CdSe crystals in the cubic zinc blende phase (JCPDS file no.
Rathi, "Ground state properties of rock salt, CsCl, diamond and zinc blende structured solids," The Open Condensed Matter Physics Journal, vol.
In addition, they have studied the zinc blende (ZB) ZnS.
In the case of starting material, three diffraction peaks at 2[theta] values of 28.5[degrees], 48[degrees], and 57[degrees] appeared due to reflection from the (111), (220), and (311) planes of the cubic (zinc blende) phase of ZnS (Figure 1).