bleed (someone or something) dry

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bleed (someone or something) dry

To take all of the resources that another person or thing has available. This phrase is often applied to money. Paying for my kids' education is just bleeding me dry. I hope I'll still be able to retire one day! Overhead costs are bleeding our business dry. We need to come up with a different way of doing things.
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bleed someone dry


bleed someone white

COMMON If someone or something bleeds, a person, organization, or country dry or bleeds them white, they take all of their money or resources from them. The first two interest payments had bled him dry. His realm had been bled dry by years of war with France. Note: In the past, doctors often treated patients by bleeding them, which involved removing some of their blood.
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bleed someone dry (or white)

drain someone of all their money or resources.
Since the late 17th century bleeding has been a metaphor for extorting money from someone. White refers to the physiological effect of losing blood.
1982 William Haggard The Mischief-Makers Her husband had been a wealthy man, the lady's solicitors sharp and ruthless, and her husband had been bled white to get rid of her.
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bleed somebody ˈdry/ˈwhite

(disapproving) take away all somebody’s money: He used to be quite wealthy, but his children have bled him dry.
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bleed someone dry

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The answer is obvious, the EIU is bleeding us dry. Travel around some of the countries who receive more from EU than they pay in and you will see new roads and modern factories which British taxpayers have helped pay for.
Absolutely fed up to the back teeth of big companies, corporations, banks and local councils bleeding us dry in order to inflate their wealth.
"It's disingenuous for the state to pass tax cap legislation when they are in so much control over property tax levies across the municipalities."<br />Vecchio says it imperative that the tax cap is made permanent to ensure there's a hold on school and municipal spending.<br />"Little by little, they're bleeding us dry," she said.
Our relationship is OK, but we're under a lot of stress as we're involved in a court case that's bleeding us dry financially.
Us pensioners worked hard and fought hard for what we have now and are quite prepared to help young people fight for a better life and better future, where all people can enjoy their lives and the only people who suffer are the bosses and the bankers who are bleeding us dry. Ann Walsh, Norris Green Border controls FORTY years ago, when Mr Wilson allowed us to have a vote on EU membership, I was a young man in my 20s keen and active in politics.
He said: "While we do not support personal abuse of the owner, directors, manager or players, we also no longer wish to be served platitudes by Mr Lerner, Mr Fox, Mr Hollis or anyone else from within the organisation that is bleeding us dry. Security and tea ladies, ticket staff and boot-boys alike face redundancy thanks to their combined abject failure.
They are bleeding us dry with their greed, while killing the vulnerable with their barbaric policies.
How are they expecting people to cope when they are bleeding us dry?" he wondered, blaming politicians and the troika of international lenders for the financial situation.
The lie that an unseen army of Mick Philpotts is bleeding us dry. On Thursday, Osborne just happened to be in Derby, where the murders took place.
Regulator We now have a Government full of public school boys who are bleeding us dry through taxation in any form or scheme they can think of as long as their assets are protected..
One questioner asked Mr Cameron what he was going to do about illegal immigrants that were "bleeding us dry".
British industry and the British way of life, culture and jobs have been blighted by over 30 years of bleeding us dry with totally unfair contributions paid annually into the EU gravy train.
HOW long must we tolerate politicians bleeding us dry while supposedly representing us?
The government is already bleeding us dry in taxes all roads and charging a fortune for health.
Drug companies are bleeding us dry. The high cost of medications is adding to their profits.