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from the Department of the Bleeding Obvious

Of such an obvious meaning or implication as to be completely redundant, superfluous, or unnecessary. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Pauline: "The Prime Minister has said that lower-class families are bearing the brunt of the recession worse than anyone else." Johnny: "Wow, any other riveting news from the Department of the Bleeding Obvious?"

bleeding edge

1. adjective (hyphenated and used before a noun) Of or being in the most advanced position, practice, or technology in a given area, activity, or endeavor. Scientists at the local university are pioneering bleeding-edge cancer research. The company has released some of the most bleeding-edge smartphones in the world.
2. noun The most advanced position, practice, or technology in a given area, activity, or endeavor. The work their organization is doing at the moment is the bleeding edge of public health. Anthony's fascination with gadgetry always has him at the bleeding edge of the latest technology.
See also: bleeding, edge

a bleeding heart

A person who shows an overwhelming and often ostentatious display of sympathy, especially for those perceived as victims. He only voted for the tax increase because he's a bleeding heart. He really believes all of that extra money is going to help the homeless.
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bleed (someone or something) dry

To take all of the resources that another person or thing has available. This phrase is often applied to money. Paying for my kids' education is just bleeding me dry. I hope I'll still be able to retire one day! Overhead costs are bleeding our business dry. We need to come up with a different way of doing things.
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bleed from (somewhere)

To lose blood from an injured part of the body. After the car accident, the driver was dazed and bleeding from the head. The patient is bleeding from the abdomen—he needs surgery right away.
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bleed to death

To die due to losing excessive amounts of blood. If we don't get this patient into surgery right away, he is going to bleed to death from internal injuries.
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on the bleeding edge

Having or knowledgeable of the most advanced technology in a given area, activity, or endeavor. The university's laboratory is on the bleeding edge when it comes to cancer research. Their latest smartphone is truly on the bleeding edge.
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stop the bleeding

To prevent further damage, loss, negative effects, etc., during a problematic situation. If we don't stop the bleeding now, the company might be in jeopardy of collapsing. We don't have time to figure out a long-term solution. For now, we just have to stop the bleeding.
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bleed to death

to die from the loss of blood. If something isn't done, he will bleed to death. I cut my finger. I hope I don't bleed to death.
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bleeding heart

Fig. someone, usually considered politically liberal or leftist, who is very emotional about certain political issues, such as endangered species, downtrodden people, the suffering poor, etc. Bob is such a bleeding heart. No cause is too far out for him.
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on the bleeding edge

 and on the leading edge
having the most advanced technology; knowing about the most advanced technology. (Alludes to the cutting edge of a sword.) This gadget is brand new. It's really on the bleeding edge. Tom is on the leading edge when it comes to optical storage technology.
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a bleeding heart

COMMON If you call someone a bleeding heart, you mean that they are too sympathetic towards people who claim to be poor or suffering. Note: The heart is traditionally regarded as the centre of the emotions. Crime can't be blamed on poverty, as the bleeding hearts always insist. Note: You can also say that someone has a bleeding heart. The Financial Times is not a newspaper known for its bleeding heart, but it has consistently pressed for the problem to be tackled. Note: Bleeding-heart is often used before a noun. He then attacked the `bleeding-heart liberals' who question the lengths of prison sentences. Compare with your heart bleeds for someone.
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be bleeding red ink

If a company is bleeding red ink, it has severe financial problems. Even large companies are bleeding red ink. The company reported huge losses for the year ended March 31, but vowed that after three straight years of bleeding red ink, the worst is behind them. Note: This expression comes from the practice in the past of using red ink to fill in entries on the debit side of a book of accounts.
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bleeding heart

a person considered to be dangerously soft-hearted, typically someone too liberal or left-wing in their political beliefs. informal
2005 DVD Verdict Ed Bannon is the lone voice of antagonistic reason in an army filled with lily-livered bleeding hearts.
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on the bleeding edge

phr. having the most advanced technology; knowing about the most advanced technology. (Jocular. More advanced than on the cutting edge.) Tom is on the bleeding edge when it comes to optical storage technology.
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