bleed from

bleed from (somewhere)

To lose blood from an injured part of the body. After the car accident, the driver was dazed and bleeding from the head. The patient is bleeding from the abdomen—he needs surgery right away.
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bleed from something

for blood to emerge from a wound or other source. He was bleeding from a number of wounds. He bled from his mouth and nose.
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Bleed from oesophageal varicies carries substantial mortality of 20% as described by D'Amico et al2 and this figure goes up from 8 % to as high as 50%3.
After having 37 radiation treatments in April 2004, I started to bleed from my anus.
Significant numbers of patients who bleed from the gastrointestinal tract have been found through the use of new methods to test the stool for occult blood.