bleed for

bleed for (someone or something)

1. To acutely feel another person's emotional pain along with them. My mother is a crying mess whenever she watches the news because she just bleeds for any victim of a tragedy.
2. To support something so passionately as to accept pain and suffering on its behalf. I know this is an unpopular cause, and I am willing to bleed for it—let's go to the protest!
See also: bleed

bleed for someone

Fig. to feel the emotional pain that someone else is feeling; to sympathize or empathize with someone. I just bled for him when I heard his sad story. We bled for her as she related her recent woes.
See also: bleed
References in classic literature ?
My heart bleed for that poor boy, that dear boy, so of the age of mine own boy had I been so blessed that he live, and with his hair and eyes the same.
In haemophilia, an inherited deficiency of blood clotting factors because of abnormal genes, even a small cut may bleed for hours or days and there may be episodes of spontaneous bleeding.
The HemCon(R) Dental Dressing also performed very well on patients who were on bloodthinners, who normally bleed for longer times.