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look bleak

To seem or appear very unfavorable or utterly hopeless; to seem grim or bleak. Whenever things start to look bleak in life, my children always make me feel immensely better. After reviewing the fourth quarter financials, things are looking pretty bleak for the company.
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paint a (some kind of) picture (of something)

To give an elaborate or detailed description of something that portrays it in a specific way. The board meeting painted a pretty grim picture. If sales don't improve, the company might not have a future. Jonathan always paints an idyllic picture of our childhood, glossing over the bad memories of our father.
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Though Tibet itself, bleakly inhospitable, has little to conquer, it occupies critical ground between Russia, China and India.
Written in 1898 and published anonymously, this dialogue between an Old Man and a Young Man embodies Twain's philosophy, a bleakly mechanistic determinism.
When Mahershala Ali watched the first series of this bleakly compelling crime drama, he was blown away.
The collection's Oklahoma backdrop is finely and sometimes bleakly depicted, set amid soul-sucking casinos, Waffle Houses, and roadside stores selling souvenir Woody Guthrie mugs and ceramic buffalo skulls.
"Don't worry, everyone dies in Sunderland," was reportedly the bleakly comic reaction in the showbiz community as news spread of what tragedy in 1976?
Synopsis: "Little Boy Needs Ride" is Chicago playwright Chris Bower's debut collection of gloriously nasty, bleakly unhinged, and oddly compelling short stories marks the arrival of a truly original voice.
As in 'the countryside around here is bleakly beautiful.' Like Robson, she'll be diving, swimming, cycling and kayaking her way around the coastline as well as chatting to locals to give a flavour of this wind-swept, stark landscape.
But the judge and jury in the case are not what they seem, as Angelo, deputising for the ruling duke, has his own bleakly lecherous secrets and tastes.
It is also bleakly funny and packed with memorable movie moments.
Today, millions of people will be nursing hangovers, staring bleakly at the detritus of the past 12 months, and promising this year will be different.
But as much as Tyrannosaur is well made, bleakly photographed and knowingly directed with an appreciable lack of Hollywood gloss, it still feels like it's of little use to anybody with a brain.
Friday MASH More4 9pm Robert Altman's subversive and bleakly funny Korean war comedy drama is a much darker, harder-edged affair than the long-running TV series that it inspired.
Bleakly, who was spotted showing off her 120,000 pounds engagement ring as the loved-up pair strolled in Beverly Hills, had said that she wants a small wedding at her hometown in Northern Ireland.
Sebastian Silva and Pedro Peirano's "Old Cats" takes the bleakly comic dysfunctional-family genre and boils it down to one disputed apartment and a rancorous mother/daughter duo, flanked by their relatively sane significant others.
The double Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee has built a base of discerning fans addicted to the bleakly dark comic world he creates and his past shows have been sell-out hits at the famous Edinburgh festival.