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paint a (some kind of) picture of (something)

To give an elaborate or detailed description of something that portrays it in a specific way. The board meeting painted a pretty grim picture of the company's future. Jonathan always paints an idyllic picture of our childhood, glossing over the bad memories of our father.
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look bleak

To seem or appear very unfavorable or utterly hopeless; to seem grim or bleak. Whenever things start to look bleak in life, my children always make me feel immensely better. After reviewing the fourth quarter financials, things are looking pretty bleak for the company.
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Consequently, the aim of the present study was to assess the inter-population plasticity of bleak under variable local conditions in Mediterranean fresh waters.
In chapter two Geraghty takes an even-handed and clear-headed approach to two claims: the oft-cited characterisation of the BBC Bleak House 'as soap opera', and the commonplace speculation that if Dickens were alive today, he would be writing TV soaps.
BLEAK MIDWINTER: In the distance, a trolley bus makes its way along snow-covered Southgate, Huddersfield, on New Year's Day 1949
With all the Dickens programmes and specials on this year The Bleak Old Shop Of Stuff pays tribute to the famous writer by sending up Ye Olde Dickens England.
The board of directors of Silver Horn Mining Ltd (OTCBB:SILV), a mining company, revealed on Tuesday the appointment of Daniel Bleak as its chairman and chief executive officer (CEO).
20pm Shona hits rock bottom, living in a squat with junkies and facing a bleak future as a teenage mum.
Tulkinghorn's chambers, using fever and AIDS to teach Bleak House in South Africa, and teaching the novel in law school.
Increased confidence in economic conditions is definitely a bright spot in an otherwise bleak business environment," said Ryan Scully, director of Discover's business credit card.
2 : being cold and raw or cheerless <a bleak wind> <a bleak landscape>
July 15] painted a bleak picture of the possible success of emerging media companies focused on kids in GLBT families.
It's bleak--but not as bleak as the outlook for the reef--and is backed up by extensive data and scientific research and analysis.
I think it was Chekov who said 'When he saw winter, he saw a winter bleak and dark and bereft of hope'.
I think that The Quincunx bears interesting comparisons with Dickens' Bleak House in its treatment of the law.
Produced and directed by Chip Richie, The Trail Of Tears: Cherokee Legacy is an engaging two hour documentary exploring one of America's darkest periods in which President Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal Act of 1830 consequently transported Native Americans of the Cherokee Nation to the bleak and unsupportive Oklahoma Territory in the year 1838.