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To get high (become intoxicated) by smoking marijuana. Hey man, Jim and I are going to blaze at his house this weekend, do you want to come? Hey, it's no skin off my teeth if you want to spend your free time blazing, but I have no interest in it whatsoever.


in. to smoke marijuana. The teacher caught two of them blazing in the john.


n. hell. (Especially with blue.) Just go to blue blazes.
See also: blaze


mod. really good; really good looking; really hot. (see also blaze.) We had a blazing time at Jane and Bob’s wedding reception.
See also: blaze
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Disappointment on a blazingly hot August day in the Voltigeur, to be repeated in the March Stakes.
It must be blazingly obvious by now that the British game needs to change direction, recruit promising players from outside the traditional club background and encourage the best of them to work until they are ready to drop.
These begin in a soundworld of French filigree, far removed from the generally gruff nature of the composer's earlier utterances, move through an atmosphere of bleak loneliness, and on into a Toccata of Shostakovich-like athleticism before a blazingly triumphant ending.
But running the Be OS, they are blazingly fast, because the operating system is lean and mean.
Based on an innovative Scale-out Performance Storage Architecture (SPEAR), the Kaminario K2 uses off-the-shelf blade servers and SSD media to create a blazingly fast, highly available and easy-to-deploy distributed storage grid appliance.
The new iPad models give customers the ability to connect to today s most advanced cellular data networks at blazingly fast speeds, so users can surf the web or download email and apps even faster.
According to Madden, the book is vulgar in spots, with misogynisticly-sprinkled invective against birds he meets in bars, and occasionally marries, the book subtitled: "Life in a Welfare State," published by Raider Publishing International, is blazingly original in style and lyrics that take a vitriolic, often hilariously funny, satiric look at his own plights and the "whalefare" state that he says the British Isles have become.
While the season's twilight was once littered with teams winding down from the summer with nothing left to play for, Warwickshire's National League and County Championship campaigns are still blazingly alive.
I feel diminished, helpless, threatened and blazingly, furiously angry.
Average backup times were excellent with this product, and restores were blazingly fast and limited only by available network bandwidth.
The Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network is bringing customers a blazingly fast wireless data service that covers more than two-thirds of the nation," said Mark Frazier, president-Ohio/Pennsylvania/West Virginia Region, Verizon Wireless.
Thanks to the dramatic dynamism of Mark Elder's incisive conducting, however, matters rapidly improved, the end of the Gloria thrusting the choristers to blazingly thrilling heights.
Kaminario SPEAR combines off-the-shelf blade servers, SSD media and the revolutionary SPEAR Storage Operating System to create a blazingly fast, highly available and easy-to-deploy distributed storage grid appliance.
The blazingly fast 4G LTE network allows for top-speed downloading and establishes the handset as a premier gaming and movie-viewing portal.
New one-room and whole-home controllers dramatically enhance consumer experiences with fluid on-screen control, blazingly fast media access, and instantaneous responsiveness.