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To get high (become intoxicated) by smoking marijuana. Hey man, Jim and I are going to blaze at his house this weekend, do you want to come? Hey, it's no skin off my teeth if you want to spend your free time blazing, but I have no interest in it whatsoever.
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in. to smoke marijuana. The teacher caught two of them blazing in the john.


n. hell. (Especially with blue.) Just go to blue blazes.
See also: blaze


mod. really good; really good looking; really hot. (see also blaze.) We had a blazing time at Jane and Bob’s wedding reception.
See also: blaze
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"844/X and its new content design workflow - the seamless integration of visual effects design with editing into a 10-bit, blazingly fast environment -- presents new opportunities for us to tap customers we haven't been able to reach in the past.
Highly intelligent, maddening and enchanting, she staged a brilliantly successful one-woman show in which, spectacularly costumed and blazingly bejewelled, she created a starry image for herself as Gloriana, Spenser's faerie queen, as the `chaste and fair' Diana, virgin huntress and goddess of the moon, as Astraea, the personification of justice or `Albion's golden sun'.
With its 15.2-inch mega-wide display, blazingly fast PowerPC G4 processors, and built-in FireWire port, the Titanium PowerBook G4 is the ultimate portable video editing system when combined with iMovie 2, Apple's easy-to-use consumer digital video editing software, or its Final Cut Pro professional video editing, effects and compositing software.
They'll have interactive demonstrators and displays for your model homes highlighting the exceptional clarity of the phone service, the blazingly fast speed of the Internet service, the failsafe reliability of the security system.
In Don Carlos, by contrast, the emotions are what get laid bare in a rarely seen historical drama that director Gale Edwards has brought blazingly alive.
Yet thanks to Sony and its competitors, the advantages of removable media are blazingly obvious to consumers by now.
While the product is good, don't expect blazingly fast speed.
It's blazingly fast, with maximum upload speeds of 1.7 million pbs (Mbps) and top download speeds of 8 Mbps.
As the ultimate release for the data warehousing customer, the blazingly fast performance of Independence will expand business productivity and efficiency by minimizing down time in business-critical applications.
Any idea that this was just an attentiongrabbing gimmick was swept away by an amazingly uplifting, zestful and blazingly energetic performance of Mozart's Jupiter symphony under Aurora's founder and principal conductor Nicholas Collon.
"AI is going to know you and you will be able to trust the device." Behind the scenes, telecommunication service providers around the world will continue to roll-out fifth-generation, or 5G, networks capable of moving seemingly limitless amounts of data blazingly fast, according to the researchers.
Google on Wednesday began delivering "blazingly fast" articles to smartphones and tablets in a stepped-up challenge to Facebook to be the leading mobile news hub.
To peer into the quantum mysteries, scientists use the LHC to accelerate beams of protons 6 the subatomic particles that huddle together in an atom's nucleus 6 up to blazingly fast speeds and smash them together.
"They brought an extraordinary amount of talent to the project, and the result is a feature-packed device that feels great in your hand, and blazingly fast under the hood."