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Posting on Facebook, the Stockton neighbourhood policing team said: "Tonight (Sunday), our heroic officers from C-Relief were the first responders to this blazing inferno.
By setting fire to Big Suze, photographing the blazing inferno, and putting the images on their album sleeve.
Accolades have poured in from the international community regarding these brave servicemen's ability to preserve peace and security in the country at a time when the rest of the region was a blazing inferno of death and destruction.
BLAZING INFERNO Crews battling a forest fire in central Portugal this week
He entered the blazing inferno, regardless of personal danger, to check no-one was still inside.
Four German bombs turned it into a blazing inferno and it sunk, leaving survivors clinging to the wreckage and dodging bullets.
FIREFIGHTERS continue to battle the fire at Seaforth docks and warn that the blazing inferno "could go on for a few days".
HAVING spent ten hours fighting his way into blazing houses, rescuing victims and pulling out bodies as the Luftwaffe turned Coventry into a blazing inferno, Henry Tandey couldn't help feel a sickening sense of guilt.
MANAMA: Dramatic video footage of a blazing inferno in Sakhir emerged online yesterday.
5 hours, making it a blazing inferno and not suitable for life as we know it.
A LORRY driver escaped as his cab became a blazing inferno on the M62.
Nasrallah's mere rushing into the regional blazing inferno is tantamount to a desperate attempt to keep Assad's regime afloat.
Incredible humidity, mixed with the blazing inferno of the giant ball of flame in the sky, made the steel giant sweat.
The charred remains of two other fuel tanks, which had been extinguished before dawn, were almost entirely melted from three days of the blazing inferno.
A SIX-YEAR-OLD boy died in a blazing inferno because he was too frightened to jump to safety.