blaze with

blaze with (something)

To shine or burn in a particular way (which is stated after "with"). The sun blazed with such intensity that I had to shut my eyes.
See also: blaze

blaze with something

to burn with some quality, such as great heat or sound. The sun blazed with unbelievable heat. The fire blazed with much crackling.
See also: blaze
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Gerad Adams scrambled in the equalizer in the second period and Louis Goulet netted the winner in the final twenty minutes, leaving Blaze with only a single point and needing a win.
In one case, extreme winds descending from a thunderstorm blew across the A-rock blaze with gusts of 60 miles per hour, propelling a crown fire through 2,000 acres of forest that had previously burned during prescribed fires.
Three good chances fell to the Blaze with McArthur out of position but somehow he kept them out.