blaze down

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blaze down (on someone or something)

[for the sun or other hot light] to burn from above onto someone or something. The sun blazed down on the people on the beach. The stage lights blazed down on the set while the actors rehearsed.
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One of these balls of fire alone would suffice to light the place, yet three or four blaze down from the ceiling, and there are smaller versions on the walls and pillars, serving no function but to eradicate every trace of shadow.
They are set out the side of that longish face with the narrow white blaze down the centre and they lop forward and to the side and down, depending on the mood.
She said Bernie is a distinctive-looking white fluffy dog with a brown blaze down his face, brown markings on his back like a saddle and distinctive brown ears.
New Steelers netminder Andrew Verner closed Blaze down in the opening period, but Greg Chambers got the tip on a five on three powerplay to put Coventry in front as he deflected a Jonathan Weaver shot.
The East End Sawmills in Glasgow have been ablaze for hours and firefighters are struggling to hose the blaze down.
The bay horse, with a broad white blaze down his face, could begin racing soon and be in the running for the 2007 Kentucky Derby.
She has a beautiful white blaze down her nose and gorgeous eyes.
Hip 128 walks up and down, but the white blaze down her nose isn't quite straight.
someone inquired of the grateful beneficiary as the sun continued to blaze down on Highfield Road long after the final whistle had blown bang on 4.
Firefighters from the Lake Los Angeles and Pearblossom stations knocked the blaze down in about 20 minutes.
Are they going to wait until somebody gets hurt and blaze down there with all their cars when it's a bit late?
One reads in racing columns that `the horse has been laid out' for this or that event, so I telephoned the trainer: was there perhaps some contest for unraced fillies with four white feet and a blaze down their noses that we would be foolish not to go for?
They escaped from the blaze down a ladder from a 70ft high window at Hotel Baumann, in the tourist village of Hipping.
Only the technicalities of how teams tied on the same points have put Blaze down to second spot after a 3-0 win over Bracknell Bees.