blaze away at (someone or something)

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blaze away

1. To destroy or clear away something in a great fire. A noun or pronoun can be used between "blaze" and "away." The wildfires have been blazing away huge swathes of forest across California. The police suspect that someone tried to blaze the evidence away with arson.
2. To be destroyed or cleared away in a great fire. The Amazon has been blazing away for days now, yet it seems like the world's leaders are doing very little about it. My entire career blazed away along with my company's office that day.
3. To fire one's firearms repeatedly, wildly, or at will. He was so trigger happy that he started blazing away the moment he saw a shadow move in the distance.
4. To smoke marijuana frequently, continuously, or at will. Well, it's no wonder you haven't made any progress on your project when you've been spending the whole day blazing away! A: "Do you mind if I smoke up here?" B: "No worries, dude—blaze away!"
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blaze away at (someone or something)

To shoot a gun at a target repeatedly. The officer blazed away at the fleeing criminal and finally struck him in the leg. William blazed away at the bull's eye and still didn't land a single shot!
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blaze away (at someone or something)

[for gunfire] to fire continually at someone or something. The guns blazed away at the oncoming ducks. The cowboy blazed away at his opponent in the gunfight.
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Armed to the teeth, he travels to Washington to blaze away at the presidential motorcade, and the American agonizing over guns begins again...."
OPPONENTS of 48-hour declarations continue to blaze away at short-term rewards from overseas, while ignoring other, less immediately tangible benefits.
Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see him make 110 not out and giving the big guns like Freddie Flintoff licence to blaze away at the other end...
The illuminations blaze away at the Lancashire resort until November 2.
The couple often invite friends to join them as they blaze away at targets.