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A blank: an old French coin; six blanks were worth two sous and a half; targe, an ancient coin of Burgundy, a farthing.
It was in translating part of Virgil's Aeneid that Surrey used blank verse.
As before, she took the pencil and wrote on the blank page.
But it is all blank, blank as the darkness above and below, while he goes up the great staircase again, blank as the oppressive silence.
Very familiar to him, as he said himself some hours ago, George Rouncewell lifts him into easier positions through the long remainder of the blank wintry night, and equally familiar with his unexpressed wish, extinguishes the light and undraws the curtains at the first late break of day.
If our offer is agreeable to you, please fill in the proper blank space with the title of your book.
He signed the new contract, inserting "The Smoke of Joy" in the blank space, and mailed it back to the publishers along with the twenty storiettes he had written in the days before he discovered the formula for the newspaper storiette.
By this time (my patience being completely worn out) I had taken my check-book from the table-drawer, had signed my name, and had handed the blank check across the table to my legal adviser.
And you will further oblige me, if you approve of the abstract, by yourself filling in the blank space on your check with the needful amount in words and figures.
A blank cartridge in the nose just about that time is the best preventive I know.
In his belt, loaded with blank cartridges, was a revolver.
On the instant he leaped for the floor, received a blow on the nose from the heavy whip-handle, and had a blank cartridge fired straight into his nostril.
He missed Mulcachy by inches, as another blank cartridge exploded up his other nostril and as the men with the rope snapped him back so abruptly as almost to break his neck.
Almost all rod blanks are produced by wrapping graphite and/or fiberglass around a steel mandrel.
Contract award notice: Execution of orders of the following documents and markings: Personalized blanks of registration documents; Blanket of time permits; Blanks of vehicle cards; Control stickers; Blanket of temporary permits for repeated use; Legalization marks including (legalization stickers for registration documents and license plates, Temporary plate labels); Personalized blanks of driving licenses; Blanks of international driving licenses; Blanks of permits for tram management; Personalized vehicle cards; Personalized control stickers