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An hour would pass and I would remain in my reverie, sipping on taleaway coffee or tea, and my mind would be filled with a sweet blankness.
A twilight, a gray, sodden blankness, a skein of rain broached The satanic hills, And with it came a long abided memory slowly infiltrating Every living thing, A store of insidious thought, where hope, love and caring Was laughed at, The intention was one of destruction, desolation from within, Self inflicted, talk of it coming was all that was done; Life so precious, everywhere so vulnerable, it isn't coming, It is here, As it began -- so it will end unless Legion is halted
Perfs are likewise restrained, especially that of untrained actor Schubert, who never mistakes insularity for blankness, commanding our attention with the slightest facial flicker.
But there's nothing when you're adopted--there's just a blankness.
So at the very least, it's nice to see bustle taking over from the blankness.
Instead of blankness, I learned to draw stars with two triangles, one upside down and overlapping the other.
These men, apparently ready to give their lives, are eyeless, their white faces blended into blankness.
Against what one would intuitively expect, Duras suggested that the blankness of the story, coming as a result of destroying everything without offering anything in its place, did not reinforce a self-enclosed existence but was instead supposed to work toward its opening.
The blankness (of a painted-over building) invites that sort of thing," Fish said of the illicit tags.
Actually, it was pretty much a feeling of blankness, completion and at the same time I realised it was important to come down safely.
Also it "Assumes all shapes / yet retains a blankness / that eclipses the limits / of possibility.
Probably one of his purposes is to emphasize the blankness of the center, or the ironic fact that because of the absence of the center, the four fragments confined to the frame of a quartet are not really connected but rather "scattered" (103).
Not just emptiness, not just blankness, but not even the existence of emptiness, not even the meaning of blankness, and no forever.
Sana's There was Someone, Lands of Amazing Secrets, A Message of Love, Unexpected Blankness and My Two Angels will never Leave are some of the interesting manifestations that adorn the walls of the gallery.
Where Kristeva insists that melancholy writing tends towards 'asymbolia' or blankness, Loffler finds a trajectory towards unreadability.