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"It is a very beautiful building and, until now, visitors would see that, blankly look round and leave none the wiser of its history because they had not been encouraged to look."
It's a photo that has the internet obsessed, and has left some people staring blankly at their screens, trying to decipher what it is they're actually looking at.
Say the name "Charles Lyell" and most people will look at you blankly. Say "Charles Darwin" and the recognition is instant the world over.
Kakaire, of Edmonton, who stared blankly throughout, spoke only to give his name, national insurance number and nationality as British.
In a short screen test video shared on Instagram, Phoenix can be seen staring blankly into the camera before cracking a slight smile until his face is interspersed with images of him as the Joker.
For, perched behind the piano, staring blankly out towards the audience, it's clear that Wilson's best days are long behind him.
After wingman Kevin Racal swished a three for a 36-point Alaska spread, Columbian head coach Ricky Dandan couldn't help but stare blankly on the floor, searching for answers.
And then there are the horrifying old black-and-white movies we were shown in Hebrew school, spotlighting silent footage of bulldozers pushing mountains of corpses and hollow-eyed, emaciated survivors peering blankly at their liberators from stacked wooden bunks.
Campaign spokesman Ted Crockett was left baffled, apparently unable to do anything but stare blankly into the camera and blink after a simple, but effective takedown from CNN anchor Jake Tapper.
According to the rules, contestants had to stare into blankly for long hours without talking, sleeping, laughing or using smartphones.
So no matter whether you are facing down the high street or staring blankly at the laptop and waiting for some inspiration, I'll help you know your rights should things go wrong.
Into walls, fingering doorknobs, staring blankly at the TV
The former New Mexico governor stared blankly for a few moments, the ( New York Post reported , then finally picked the former president of Mexico - but he could remember the man's name.
In the mean time, if you have blue eyes and grey hair can you come and stare at me blankly please?
Damon's performance as the blankly calculating Ripley is one of the best of his career.