blanket with

blanket (someone or something) with (something)

To cover with something. By the time I got to the beach, the kids had already blanketed grandpa with sand. The storm blanketed the mountaintops with snow, making it look like a scene from a painting.
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blanket someone or something with something

Fig. to cover someone or something with something. They blanketed the flames with a layer of foam. The children blanketed Jimmy with leaves and pretended he was lost.
See also: blanket
References in classic literature ?
He lifted the edge of the blanket with his nose and crawled across the shoulder until he was altogether inside.
As an afterthought, he fastened the blanket with a piece of rope yarn, so that Jerry was as if tied in a sack.
I was only alive to the condensed confidential comfortableness of sharing a pipe and a blanket with a real friend.
The primary objective of our study was to determine how blending wood mulch with compost may affect its performance as an erosion control practice relative to a straw blanket with polyacrylamide (PAM).
During the first simulated storm event the compost blanket reduced storm water runoff by 52%, the 2:1 blanket by 54%, the 1:2 blanket by 42%, the wood mulch blanket by 23%, and the straw blanket with PAM by 12%.
Yale said she felt the gifts were special because ``Mom always had a quilt or blanket with her.
When making a blanket with saved-list cloth (saw-tooth white selvage edge), method 3 could be used to create a blanket with three stripes down the middle, instead of one.
It offers blankets in both its regular Polarfleece line and its Dakotah Luxe line, a Polarfleece microfiber blanket with a cashmere-like hand, and lighter weight.
A mint-condition vintage Pendleton blanket with a legible label and no moth holes generally fetches $250 to $750.
The primary objective of this study was to determine how blending wood mulch with compost may affect the compost's performance as an erosion control best management practice (BMP) relative to a straw blanket with polyacrylamide (PAM [industry standard BMP]).
Sunbeam's new Blanket With a Brain might solve the tug-of-war over the temperature controls.
For the mass market, the mill offers North Star, a 45 by 60 inch acrylic blanket with saddle stitching, sold in a belly-band wrap.