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Dubai really has a blanker canvas than a lot of cities do," he said.
As part of the spending spree, PS16 million has gone on a new blanker line which will allow the plant to turn coils of aluminium into 'blank sheets' that are pressed into body panels and parts on a new Aida PS50 million press line.
But it's the individual pictures that tear your heart out: A woman keening over the body of her boy in a chapel, rigid bodies caked in mud lying on the streets, arms and legs sticking out of their covers, small children sitting outside their shanty or what is left of it, staring dully at a blank sky and a blanker future.
Dewa scored twice in quick succession, first through Kevin Salvador and then via the boot of Remy Blanker to make it 3-2.
And lonely as it is, that loneliness Will be more lonely ere it will be less-- A blanker whiteness of benighted snow With no expression, nothing to express.
Performance of the adaptive sidelobe blanker detection algorithm in homogeneous environments," IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, Vol.
Phoneme Occurrence Example [b] b blanker ['blen:ker] shines dubbel ['d[?
In addition, cars are protected by a $1 million blanker liability insurance policy; and with a Getaround Carkit, a car can he unlocked with a smartphone--so no key isexchanged.
While lifting the body up to the upper deck from the "mortar well," the blanker flapped open and revealed what was left of a face.
You shook your head slowly, and in the rearview he stared back at you with an even wearier, blanker version of your own eyes.
See Glenn Reynolds, '"From Red Blanker to Civilization': Propaganda and Recruitment Films for South Africa's Gold Mines, 1920- 1940," Journal of Southern African Studies (Mar.
The physician parked his minivan in a parking lot and placed the laptop computer under a blanker between The front seats.
As an early-arriving student to all my classes, my initial reaction to these pre-class visual feasts was one of simple relief: it was less time I had to spend staring at blank walls and the even blanker looks on the faces of some fellow students.
This year, through May 20th, the Sun has been even blanker, with no sunspots on 115 out of 140 days, or 82%.