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On the instant he leaped for the floor, received a blow on the nose from the heavy whip-handle, and had a blank cartridge fired straight into his nostril.
He missed Mulcachy by inches, as another blank cartridge exploded up his other nostril and as the men with the rope snapped him back so abruptly as almost to break his neck.
It plans to purchase 500,000 national driver license blanks for 75 million soms in the first lot, and 4,000 national driver license blanks for 364,000 soms.
Its sub-theme Blank hoped to 'provoke different areas of the mind, body and soul' as mankind copes with 'the genesis of creativity'.
SET Enterprises (, a supplier of blanks, has found a solution: a high-speed blanking line that uses lasers in place of hard tools.
MD Productions is committed to making a positive impact within the community, which is why they set up Blank Canvas CIC.
What experiences have you already had with the new blank and how do you evaluate its esthetic potential?
Step 3--Reel seats brace the reel to the blank, so they must fit securely.
Blank votes indeed are not recognised in the French system, where voters actually have the option to cast an empty ballot, making it the mathematical equivalent of abstaining.
26 April 2017 - Florida, US-based body armor supplier Point Blank Enterprises and California, US-based protective apparel manufacturer First Tactical LLC have merged to build a line of holistically integrated products for public safety professionals, the companies said.
Outstanding customer service is key to Point Blank's success and central to its business strategy.
The very first thing I do is to carefully inspect the barrel blank and the receiver.
Curated by editor Jenny Parrott, the POINT BLANK list will be comprised of literary crime, thrillers and psychological suspense titles by UK and international writers.
Blank replaces Paul McDade, who has been appointed managing director for Special Projects within ZAIS Group, Llc primarily related to new business activities.