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He missed Mulcachy by inches, as another blank cartridge exploded up his other nostril and as the men with the rope snapped him back so abruptly as almost to break his neck.
This is where you will mark which side of the rod blank the spine is on.
26 April 2017 - Florida, US-based body armor supplier Point Blank Enterprises and California, US-based protective apparel manufacturer First Tactical LLC have merged to build a line of holistically integrated products for public safety professionals, the companies said.
More than 90 per cent of bank customers do not know that blank cheques cannot be used as evidence against them in a court case.
The central bank of UAE has opined that blank cheque guarantees for banks in the region is illegal.
com)-- In 2007 Congress mandated outpatient prescription pads and forms to be written on tamper-resistant blanks.
Second row: Michael Henly, Julie Masters, Jeff Donelly, John Print, Joseph Hook, Barry Sperring, Graham Williams, Martyn Lomas, Blank, Kingley Wood, Blank.
The process is an automatic co-ordination of the punch force and blank holding force, low friction between the blank and tooling as the high pressure liquid lubricates these interfaces and elimination of the need for a complicated control system [7-12].
But this was the first time that blank ballots were counted separately from invalid ballots after the polls.
The attorneys bring more than 60 years of combined litigation and trial experience and more than 30 years of real estate experience to establishing Blank Rome's Southern California presence.
2 : having empty spaces to be filled in <a blank job application>
A self-taught artist, Blank brilliantly captures landscapes and the human form with intense beauty and precise attention to detail.
Similarly, blank audio and video cassettes used to be valuable high-margin, fast-moving consumables for mass market retailers, but technology--particularly digital technology--has largely passed them by.
The Eighth Amendment bans "cruel and unusual blank.
With a speed of up to 50 cpm, and for certain blank sizes up to 75 cpm, the Variocart C50 rounds off the top end of the Variocart C family.