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blanch at (something)

To balk or hesitate when faced with something unpleasant. This phrase can also include or describe one's visible paleness, as to "blanch" something means to whiten it. All of my friends ran into the creepy haunted house, but I blanched at the sight of it. Stella blanched at the plate of cooked ants that had been set before her.
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blanch with (an emotion)

To become visibly pale as a result of feeling a particular emotion. All of my friends ran into the creepy haunted house, but I blanched with fear when I saw it. Stella blanched with disgust at the plate of cooked ants that had been set before her.
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have carte blanche

To have the freedom to do whatever one wants or deems necessary, especially with a particular task or assignment. The phrase "carte blanche" comes from French, literally meaning "blank card." I can't believe we have carte blanche to organize the conference. The boss is usually such a micro-manager about these things! Look, just because I'm giving you some flexibility in how to complete the assignment doesn't mean you have carte blanche to do whatever you like.
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blanch at something

Fig. to cringe at something; to become pale at the thought of something. Jill blanched at the thought of swimming in that cold water. Lily blanched at the sight before her.
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blanch with something

Fig. to become pale with some emotion, such as anger or fear. He saw the injury and blanched with fear. Lily blanched with anger as Max walked out.
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Blanch, a veteran broker and former longtime CEO of E.W.
It was observed that peanuts blanched using IR heating at 343[degrees]C for 1.5 min, 316[degrees]C for 1.5 min, 288[degrees]C for 1.5 min, and 343[degrees]C for 1 min did not differ significantly (P > 0.05) from the hot air controls.
Prof Blanch flower, who sat on the Bank's Monetary Policy Committee from 2006 to 2009, added: "My guess is that, in the next three months, things will worsen as cosumer demand falls on the back of falling real earnings." The Bank's base rate is already at a record low of 0.25%.
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Blanch testified that other witnesses have identified Jad this way, indeed a number of witnesses before the court have used the terms "driver" and "bodyguard" interchangeably, but the mistake was obvious, and Edwards exploited the opening to cast doubt on her professionalism and methodology.
As existing Combilift users (with a 4-way truck) managing director Andrew Blanch and production manager John Henden were aware of Combilift's handling products and invited the company to come up with a solution.
You can include blanched mild onions in your frozen combos (a good use for bolted onions that won't store well), but don't include garlic, black pepper or other "seed spices," which can undergo unwanted flavor changes when frozen.
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That's not surprising in the case of England's underachievers, butWakefield's Damien Blanch is entitled to look back with pride on his efforts for unfashionable Ireland.