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Jamie's blaming everybody, blaming the landlords - but when he took on the sites, he knew what the business rates on those sites were.
'To improve responding, everyone but especially men, should be mindful that their empathy for a male sexual harasser can increase their likelihood of blaming women for being sexually harassed.
It is sickening how everybody coming here keeps blaming the devil,' Temba said.
This paper will argue that the circumstances of oppression can undermine a person's ability to cease blaming in the way she would prefer and that this constitutes a harm that has thus far been neglected in discussions of oppression.
for actions Remember that the person you are blaming may be yourself!
But it's the job of people in senior positions to make things work so let's not go down the road of blaming the public.
"Filipinos should stop blaming others and the habit of fingerpointing.
Blaming declares to the world that you're limited by someone else.
Our findings suggest that blaming one's character has a negative effect on health status, but that effect does not operate through psychological distress.
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The people, of all political affiliations, are simply standing there, watching the fire, hoping it wouldn't spread to their homes but knowing it will, and instead of helping, they are partaking in our new favourite national past-time: Blaming someone for it.
So even the earlier vaccine theories were also rooted in blaming women's behaviors.
Ed Miliband is blaming the coalition, the Government is blaming G4S and Nick Buckles is blaming the unemployed for not turning out for that once in a lifetime opportunity of work experience in the security jobsworth sector.
"They have blamed bad weather, they have blamed good weather, they blamed last year's Royal Wedding, now they are blaming the jubilee.
And I remember, each time that blaming others is one of the most spiritually harmful things I can do, because it corners me and whomever I'm blaming into rigid adversarial roles.