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A mark of great leadership is knowing that responsibility is in your control rather than reverting to blaming what's seemingly out of your control.
In the next two sections, I argue that there are significant moral reasons against God blaming Ernie, resulting from God's role as designer/manipulator.
Some cultures nurture blaming until it becomes an integral part of the workings of the inner core of the organization.
Fast, assistant professor of management at the University of Southern California (USC) and Larissa Tiedens, professor of organisational behaviour at Stanford, conducted four different experiments and found that publicly blaming others dramatically increases the likelihood that the practice will become viral.
What about losing your job and blaming your company for your financial mess?
One could retain many of Scanlon's insights about blaming but reject his claim that the change in relationship is partially constitutive; instead one could say that blaming expresses an evaluative attitude towards a person's action that causes changes in our relationship with her.
Blaming involves a more fine-tuned look at how value was decreased and who holds responsibility.
It's just that blaming those two for this current group's woes doesn't make sense.
A crucial transformation has successfully taken place in the Arab world, Ghitis observed, saying: "The elites can no longer manipulate the people simply by blaming Israel for every problem and crisis affecting the region.
Better stop blaming society, better stop blaming drugs, better stop blaming the government, better stop blaming the drug companies, and let's just say it: We carry it, we give it, we go out and get it.
But why even waste energy blaming one another when we are burying our children and too many of our neighborhoods have makeshift memorials on their corners?
Thus, many Christians try to resist blaming the Jews, or Judas, or Pilate, or the Romans, or even the rich.
And a North Tory MP said the Government had a track record of blaming others rather than taking responsibility for its failings.
Instead of blaming the individual, Schroeder places blame on the entire male population of Norwich.
Congress should have determined that before blaming the CPA profession.