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Those Brexiters who have quit the government are only trying to avoid blame for the mess they have helped create.
According to the poll, 55 percent of respondents said Trump is to blame for the shutdown and 32 percent said Democrats are mostly to blame.
We all do wrong and are wronged from time to time and in response we often blame one another.
Red Kites live off dead animals although other raptors such as buzzards and goshawKs may be partly to blame. I thinK the main reason for the fall in woodland birds is in the last paragraph of your article, ie lacK of suitable habitat.
It is as old as time and is one of the first "sins" Adam and Eve committed: The blame game.
It consists of four interconnected chapters, the last, on blame, substantially longer than the others, and an especially substantial contribution to the literature.
He blames the Government for the epidemic of gun and knife crime.
Both he and Campos blame the unjustified obsession with weight and the cruel vilification of fat people on capitalism, which, they say, prizes self-discipline and stigmatizes those seen as lacking it.
He blames Islamic countries for terrorism, which is strange as it was our security services (MI5) in 2003 which pointed out to Blair that attacking Iraq would increase the likelihood of a terrorist attack on our own shores.
Like most other Muslim nations, Saudi Arabia does not have a democratically elected government, and thus its citizens must shift the blame to corporate America.
By the time he changed his mind in 1996, the damage was largely done, leaving history to decide if the fault was his, for rejecting relief when it was offered, or if the United States was to blame, for leading the opposition in the UN to simply ending the sanctions.
But she's certainly not lost for people to blame. For starters she blames Andy for not being gorgeous enough to keep Amy in Emmerdale.
We all understand that the deficit is important, but the Government always blames the public.
He blames crime, rudeness, and litigiousness on the "live-and-let-live urban lifestyle" as spawned by "the moral laissez-faire disorder of libertarianism."
'Instead of thinking of solutions, he is putting the blame on others.