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"Good interviews will often generate all kinds of interesting and revealing discussions that show a candidate's ability for analytical thought - for example about selfblame, cases of blame where the blamer knew the blamed had done nothing wrong, and indeed cases of blaming something inanimate (such as a faulty printer or phone)."
"Les marches chutent et les taux d'interets s'envolent et lui (Erdogan) continue de blamer les autres", note Kilicdaroglu, estimant que dix de pression amenent la societe a cette situation.
The victim blamer would go so far as to state that because a raped woman is no longer considered "pure" or "virginal," she might need to undergo further victimisation in the form of ritualised "cleansing."
He loses his balance and the once capable planner is transformed into a blamer and reactionary victim.
The latest example comes from one Pistol Pete MacKay, Canadian defence minister and serial blamer, a man who must have racked up some serious vet bills in his youth given the propensity of his dogs to consume homework.
The translation 'blamer' is based on a segmentation *mam-ri- and comparison with Gk.
Meticulous observation may easily give way for a while to anecdote or memory--for example, in "Ballad Exponential": "Blamer / the other evening!
This is seen in the restructuring phase of EFCT in which the withdrawer is invited to engage his or her partner, rather than focusing on the hurt he or she has experienced, and the blamer is brought to the point where, instead of feeling anger and contempt for his or her partner, he or she begins to feel and express compassion and understanding.
But Harraby sealed the points in the 84th minute when Blamer beat two men down the right and whipped in a low centre for Dean Armstrong to tuck away.
Jonathan Green, Kelvin Armstrong and Paul Blamer each scored twice along with Chris Woods.
He is a blamer...he is whiny and lazy, has a lack of morals because he sells drugs to kids and starts robbing boutiques, beats up his servant...he could be described as a useless, horrible man.
Il est difficile de blamer quelqu'un qui parle de son pays pourquoi il a choisi un sujet et pas un autre, pourquoi il a choisi une interpretation et pas une autre.