blame for (something)

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blame for (something)

To foist or assign responsibility or guilt for something on someone else (who can be mentioned between "blame" and "for"). My partner had been cooking the books for years, but because I was the CEO, I was blamed for our company's collapse. Don't blame me for your unhappiness—I told you not to take that job!
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*blame for something

the responsibility of having done something wrong or caused something bad to happen. (*Typically: accept ~; bear ~; shoulder ~; take~.) I absolutely refuse to shoulder the blame for the entire fiasco!
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blame someone for something

to hold someone responsible for something; to name someone as the cause of something. Please don't blame Jill for it. She blamed herself for everything that went wrong.
See also: blame
References in classic literature ?
Children are not to be blamed for the faults of their parents.
Adiong lamented that the Maranao were being blamed for the attack on Marawi while residents of other areas previously targeted by terrorists had not been faulted at all.
Does Cameron remember who the minister blamed for the queues?
SIR - Your article in Country & Farming ("Flying predators being blamed for fall in numbers of other birds", September 27), with a nice photo of a red Kite and the caption "birds such as red Kites are pushing some birds to extinction", is wrong in that it blames red Kites for the demise of woodland birds.
The mam-of-four said the boys were blamed for things they hadn't done because they had a reputation.
He first shows that claims that people should not be blamed for what they cannot control have not been well defended.
STEVE STAUNTON is still the man for Andy Reid, who insists it's the players who must be blamed for Ireland's Euro 2008 failure.
But if, as Oliver and Campos both suggest, an unreasonable fear of fatness should be blamed for the bad health effects of anorexia, dangerous diet drugs, fluctuating weight, and even smoking ("a common weight loss and weight maintenance strategy," Campos notes), surely obesity can be blamed for deterring the exercise necessary to keep fit.
and then it's about someone who has been blamed for something, and why you shouldn't blame them.
New Orleans officials, the federal government, and even residents who did not evacuate in time were blamed for the horrific aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when it pummeled the Gulf Coast in August.
In an article published on July 30 by the International Herald Tribune, Frida Ghitis from Atlanta wrote: "Take a guess: Whom do you think Arab 'experts' blamed for the [July 23] multiple blasts.
THE girlfriend of the Swiss referee blamed for England's Euro 2004 exit said yesterday: "Don't blame him, blame Becks.
Millions of Jews have suffered and died because they were blamed for the death of this Jew Jesus.
I encourage fellow CEOs to read about that region, to understand why they and their companies are often blamed for creating poverty and for degrading Muslim culture, and to consider whether they are part of the problem, part of the solution, or both.
staff is blamed for changing rooms after the anesthesiologist has already set up for a case in an O.