blame for (something)

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blame for (something)

To foist or assign responsibility or guilt for something on someone else (who can be mentioned between "blame" and "for"). My partner had been cooking the books for years, but because I was the CEO, I was blamed for our company's collapse. Don't blame me for your unhappiness—I told you not to take that job!
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*blame for something

the responsibility of having done something wrong or caused something bad to happen. (*Typically: accept ~; bear ~; shoulder ~; take~.) I absolutely refuse to shoulder the blame for the entire fiasco!
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blame someone for something

to hold someone responsible for something; to name someone as the cause of something. Please don't blame Jill for it. She blamed herself for everything that went wrong.
See also: blame
References in classic literature ?
I don't see how anyone could blame us for jumping to the conclusions we did.
The world draws them from our side, and they make friends with whom they are happier than they are with us, and have amusements from which we are barred, and interests that are not ours: and they are unjust to us often, for when they find life bitter they blame us for it, and when they find it sweet we do not taste its sweetness with them .
I am quite sure that neither Jane nor Gertrude nor I reproached ourselves in the least for going downstairs as we did, and yet you did not blame us for entering that.
I've looked at it - there is a hand-ball yet the goal is given so you can't blame us for being frustrated about that.
Exciting times, yet who can blame us for being slightly guarded in our optimism?
Asif, who told the forum that Pakistan was not to blame for militant outfits in the country, had said: "Don't blame us for the Haqqanis and don't blame us for the Hafiz Saeeds.
Asif, in reply to a question at the Asia Society in New York, said, ""Don't blame us for the Haqqanis [the Haqqani Network] and don't blame us for the Hafiz Saeeds [referring to the head of banned Jamaatud Dawa].
You can't blame us for thinking her poncho was a modern-looking abaya, since it covered much of her body, including her hair, and seeing as she's married to a Muslim businessman.
and nothing to return to though who could blame us for turning, with
They never officially invited us and at the same time blame us for rejecting it.
The same future generations that will blame us for Hinkley, could instead thank us for a legacy of investment in renewables.
People shamelessly complain of foul smells and blame us for an inadequate performance when they do not even bother walking a few feet away from their houses to the trash bins," Northern Municipal Council member Hussain Al Khayat told the GDN yesterday.
As he announced his Wales squad for next week's friendly against Holland, Coleman said: "I hope there is no problem in the future over Aaron (being available), but I am not here to let people blame us for something that is not our fault.
She can hardly blame us for mixing them up - with her long, dark, wavy hair and floppy hat, she is a dead ringer for her ever-youthful namesake.