blame for

blame for (something)

To foist or assign responsibility or guilt for something on someone else (who can be mentioned between "blame" and "for"). My partner had been cooking the books for years, but because I was the CEO, I was blamed for our company's collapse. Don't blame me for your unhappiness—I told you not to take that job!
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the blame for (something)

The responsibility or guilt for something My partner had been cooking the books for years, but because I was the CEO, I got the blame for our company's collapse. I'm the coach, and I called a bad play, so I deserve the blame for this loss.
See also: blame

*blame for something

the responsibility of having done something wrong or caused something bad to happen. (*Typically: accept ~; bear ~; shoulder ~; take~.) I absolutely refuse to shoulder the blame for the entire fiasco!
See also: blame

blame someone for something

to hold someone responsible for something; to name someone as the cause of something. Please don't blame Jill for it. She blamed herself for everything that went wrong.
See also: blame
References in classic literature ?
And what is most humiliating of all, to blame for no fault of my own but, so to say, through the laws of nature.
It's that idiotic smile that's to blame for it all," thought Stepan Arkadyevitch.
He'll be drownded, and won't have nobody to blame for it but his own self.
Neither you, nor I, nor my informant, nor the man who informed him, nor the directors of the Porphyrion, are to blame for this clerk's loss of salary.
Companies benefit when they publicly accept blame for mistakes and poor performance, according to a new study from the University of Missouri.
Because the Tory-Lib Dem Government's war on pay and pensions is to blame for today's action.
But we are all to blame for allowing our politicians to encourage intensive farming at the expense of wildlife and sustainability.
When people observe others protecting their egos, it spreads, and then, the inevitable conclusion to this: your daily conversations, your Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds becoming permanently occupied by your friends and loved ones hysterically screaming, sometimes to no one in particular, about who they blame for this mess.
Bush deserves a great deal or a moderate amount of blame for the nation's economic woes -- substantially more than the 52% who say the same about President Obama.
Perhaps you are to blame for Newcastle's problems Mr Faulkner.
WOY'S WOE: Fans feel Hodgson is to blame for their poor show
I WAS baffled by the letter from Brian Archer a while ago, which laid blame for the country's ills solely at the Government's door (Voice of the North, July 31).
In Poor Old God, He Always Gets the Blame, author Arlene Claire Cartwright dares to take the role of His defense attorney, and questions whether He really is to blame for everything that goes wrong.
After ten or more years attempting to shift the blame for this cruel and unwise policy as the responsibility of churches, the Liberals under Paul Martin finally decided in the fall of 2005 to cut through the controversy and assume financial responsibility.