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But Zia Alonto Adiong, speaking for the Lanao provincial government on Sunday, said it was 'preposterous' to blame the people of Marawi and the Maranao in general for the crisis, which started on May 23.
Both presidents receive slightly less blame in the June 14-23 Gallup poll than they did the last time Gallup asked this question in 2013, but the gap has held steady over the past three years, with Bush blamed more than Obama.
You may be tempted like the guy in the lift to blame, but blaming only reveals your weakness as a leader.
2005), participants first read an introductory statement about self-blame, "Some individuals blame themselves for their cardiac events, whereas some individuals don't blame themselves at all.
Companies that were upfront in accepting blame for poor situations and offered transparency in plans to fix problems could halt the decline in stock prices after these announcements.
Some seem to treat the moral standing to blame quite strongly, in a way that mirrors the legal standing to bring suit.
Blame prosecutors who act as defense attorneys to prevent violent cops from being indicted.
If your delay at airport passport control is even longer than usual, blame Theresa May.
The poll numbers are nearly identical to a poll taken before the shutdown about who would get the blame, with the only difference being 16 percent said they would blame both parties.
Anti badger people blame badgers for the decline of hedgehogs.
When people observe others protecting their egos, it spreads, and then, the inevitable conclusion to this: your daily conversations, your Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds becoming permanently occupied by your friends and loved ones hysterically screaming, sometimes to no one in particular, about who they blame for this mess.
People can blame whoever they want to blame and look for a scapegoat: look to point the blame at the chairman not spending enough money, at Moxey who keeps the purse strings tight.
Blame the victim: "It's not an addiction, it's just plain letting your appetite control you.
The Blame Game: Spin, Bureaucracy, and Self-Preservation in Government
Red Kites live off dead animals although other raptors such as buzzards and goshawKs may be partly to blame.